Pushing fulfillment latency (handling time) to Amazon listings

In addition to updated stock qtys, Finale can now also update fulfilment latency for Amazon listings.

Fulfillment latency is an Amazon configuration to mark an item as requiring additional lead time to ship. The default value on Amazon is one to two business days, and if you do not need to change the fulfillment latency for Amazon, there is no additional steps required.

If your merchant-fulfilled Amazon listings require custom fulfillment latency settings (e.g. you sell customized products that require a longer lead time), you can configure these settings in Finale.

If it is set on a specific product, it will be updated with the regular inventory update feed. For example, when set to 5 days, it will appear on Amazon with a message like: ”Processing takes an additional 4 to 5 days for orders from this seller.”

It can accept any integer value between 1 and 30. The next time an Amazon inventory update is sent, the value will be updated automatically since it gets included in the inventory feed.

To set-up fulfillment latency for Amazon listings, please visit this page.

Vend POS Integration Now Available

We are excited to added the number of available POS integrations and announce our Vend POS inventory management solution is available. When Lightspeed Retail POS and Finale are used in conjunction, Finale makes it simple to track inventory across your online and offline sales channels. Finale makes it easy for multichannel sellers to keep track of their inventory stock from a central location.

When a transaction is completed on Vendor POS system, Finale will keep track of the inventory and can be configured to update Amazon, Shopify, and other other selling channels to prevent overselling.  Stock quantities on marketplaces and shopping carts are updated within five minutes of a Vend POS transaction.

More information on the Vend inventory management solution can be here.

LightSpeed Retail POS Integration Now Available

We are excited to account our newest POS integration, LightSpeed Retail POS.  Finale makes it easy for multichannel sellers to keep track of their inventory stock from a central location.


Having a firm grasp of inventory becomes increasingly more challenging with each additional selling channel. When Lightspeed Retail POS and Finale are used in conjunction, Finale makes it simple to track inventory across your online and offline sales channels.

Upon a point of sale transaction, Finale will keep track of the inventory and can be configured to update eBay, Amazon, and other other selling channels to prevent overselling.  Stock quantities on marketplaces and shopping carts are updated within five minutes of a LightSpeed POS transaction.

With multiple location support, Finale allows for inventory to be tracked as shared inventory or separate inventory for your online and offline channels.

More information on the LightSpeed inventory management solution can be here.


Walmart Marketplace integration now Available

Walmart Marketplace Inventory Management

Walmart launched its marketplace in 2009 and products from third-party retailers are displayed alongside Walmart’s own inventory and are called Walmart Marketplace items. Walmart has made an aggressive push this year to increase to the number of third-party seller to expand its online assortment and gain ground on Amazon.  As a result, Walmart is now the third largest marketplace trailing only Amazon and eBay.

To support our multi-channel eCommerce sellers, Finale is happy to announce our direct integration with Walmart Marketplace.  Our Walmart inventory management solution keeps accurate stock counts and improves your operations by (1) updating the selling channels to prevent overselling and (2) providing notifications when certain products are running low and need to get reordered.

Once an order is placed, the order flow is

1) Walmart Marketplace orders sync down to Finale

Streamlined integrations with ShipStation and ShippingEasy, Finale will keep accurate track of stock levels as Finale syncs down Walmart Marketplace orders and order from other selling channels (e.g. Amazon and eBay).

Finale manage the complexities of multiple marketplace skus and eliminates the need of maintaining complex Excel pivot tables to associate multiple skus to a single product id.  Additionally, if you offer kits or bundles for sale on the marketplaces, Finale will automatically decrement the inventory stock of components that make up the kits.

2) Finale updates your Walmart Marketplace listings (and other marketplaces)

Streamlined integrations with ShipStation and your online selling channels mean that when you make a sale on Walmart, inventory is automatically adjusted in Finale. If you’re also selling on eBay or Amazon, your inventory will automatically be adjusted there, too. Conversely, when you make a sale on Amazon, inventory is automatically adjusted to your Walmart Marketplace listing.

Finale seamlessly automatically update stock levels to your Walmart Marketplace listings and other selling channels to mitigate overselling products.

Please click here to learn about our Walmart inventory management solution.


Finale tracking Etsy product variations

Our Etsy inventory management solution has been improved to allow Etsy sellers to easily keep track of product variations stock levels. Frustrated Etsy power sellers are keenly aware that Etsy does not have the ability to set variation skus for their listings with product variations. Etsy only allows creating a product listing with a list of multiple variations.

Regardless of which variation is sold, Etsy will provide the ‘SKU’ and list out the product attribute(s). When a product is sold, the information provided for the order will be something like “SKU ‘DR-LV-MTO’, dress color = lavender, size = 3T”.

Since a unique variation sku is not available, most inventory management solutions can only read the sku ‘DR-LV-MTO’ and cannot keep track of the inventory of the product variation. Since all the variations have the same sku, most inventory solution would incorrectly classify all these variations as a single product.

Etsy Product Variations

If you are using ShipStation as your shipping software, Finale provides an innovative solution to keep track of your variations. Finale will concatenate the sku and the product attribute(s) to create a unique marketplace sku.  In this illustration, Finale will create a new variation sku ‘DR-LV-MTO-Lavender-3T” for this specific product and will be able to keep stock level of this variation.

More information on the Etsy inventory management solution can be found here.

Have additional questions?  Please email us at [email protected]


Improvements to Sale and Purchase Order list screens

The Sales and Purchase Order list screens have been improved with additional functionality and usability.  Among the highlights include:

  • Viewing Presets  We added the ability to create viewing presets to allow you to store different views of the Sale or Purchase Order list screens.   The Purchases screen is loaded with two standard presets, ‘Summary’ and ‘Shipments’ present, but additional custom presets can be quickly added.  New presets can be classified as a “Shared Screen” preset (available to all users) or “User Screen” preset (only available for the user who created the preset).

  • Additional Fields Available to Display  In an effort to make the screens more useful, we significantly added the number of fields available for display on the purchase order and sales screen.  Additionally, user created custom fields are also available to be displayed.

Adding Additional Columns

  • More Filters   We added more filters to make it quicker to find a specific purchase order or sales order.   We will be continuing to add additional filters in the coming weeks.


  •  Improved Usability   Basic editing such as moving data columns or resizing columns can easily accomplished using only the mouse.

Check this video to see the improvements made to the purchase order and sales list screens.


Finale launches Magento 2 Integration

We are proud to announcement Magento 2 and 2.1 support. This new connection option is available on the “Add connection” screen.

Magento 2.0 offers enhanced performance and scalability over this its predecessor,  new features to boost conversion rates, and business agility and productivity improvements. The new platform also builds on Magento’s open source heritage and offers unmatched flexibility and innovation opportunities to their global ecosystem of partners and developers.

Magento 2 Integration support

Improvements to ‘sales order’ and ‘purchase order’ screens

Based on customer feedback, we have improved the sales order and purchase order screens to provide better transparency on important pieces of information.

On the sales order screen, the order status, shipment, and invoice status has been consolidated to a single location to allow for more transparency.  Previously, one had to click on the ‘Shipments’ and ‘Invoice’ tab to find each piece of information.

Sales Order Status

Similar to the sale order screen, the purchase order screen has the order status and shipment status consolidated to a single location.

PO Status

If the user does not have permissions to modify either the purchase or sales order, lock icons have been added to communicate he or she does not have the proper permission to modify the order.


Need to learn about about the various order statuses?
Please click here to learn what each order status means.







Available Kits or Bundle For Sale

We recently introduced new stock values enabling you to quickly understand how many kits or bundles can be assembled, manufactured, or sold based on the availability of the component stock.

For illustration, we have a created a ‘Special Value’ shampoo and conditioner kit with a BOM (bill of material) of 2 bottles of shampoo and 2 bottles of conditioner.

In the warehouse, there are 50 bottles of conditioners, but only ten bottles of shampoo on the shelves.  As a result, the shampoo is the constraining factor for the number of the kits that can be sold.   With the only ten bottles of shampoo available, only five special value kits can be sold and is displayed in the “Available + BOM Unit” field (highlight below).

These new stock fields are available on the ‘View Stock Screen’, ‘Purchase Order Details Screen’, and ‘Sales Order Details Page’.  This field is turned OFF by default.  To make this field visible, please select “Customize this screen” from the action menu drop-down menu and turn on the visibility of the ‘Available + BOM units’ by clicking on the check box.