Introducing ‘Rapid Order Packing’ Barcode Scanning

We are excited to introduce the “rapid order” packing capability using the mobile handheld barcode scanners.  This new capability allow more flexibility on how customers want to leverage the barcode scanner to fulfill orders.

The two available packing options on the scanner are:

  1. Item By Item – All items on the order must be scanned
  2. Rapid Order Pack – Scan packed orders

The item by item method forces the warehouse worker to scan each item in the order, and the scanner will give an audio and video confirmation when the order is correctly packed.  The advantage of method is increased packing accuracy, but the disadvantage is the fulfillment time to pack each order will take longer since the warehouse workers need to scan each item to complete packing the order.

This packing method may be more suitable for companies that have many skus, skus that hard to distinguish from each other, and/or high ticket items.

The NEW “rapid order” method allow users to quickly visually confirm the contents of the packed orders and then scan the order number has been packed. The advantage is the the “rapid order” packing is the required time to pack an order is significantly decreased as the scanning of each item is no longer required.

This packing method may be more suitable for companies with a high volume of orders, but very few skus.

Please watch this tutorial video to learn more about which packing option may be more viable with your customer.

If you need assistance, we would be happy to review your application and provide the advantages and disadvantages of each option.  Please contact us at [email protected] to schedule a  consultation.

Introducing the NEW ‘Quick Stock Change’ Screen

Following the launch of the ‘Quick Stock Transfer’ screen, we have introduced the new ‘Quick Stock Change’ screen as part of our continued efforts to make the software more intuitive and easy to understand.

The “Quick Stock Change” operation allows you to make quick stock adjustments to your inventory by adding or subtracting quantities.

NEW Quick Store Change Screen

Most of our multi-channel ecommerce customers do not use the Packing or Lot ID field for their operations.  However, if you do need to leverage either the Packing or Lot ID field to better keep track of your products, please confirm the settings from Applications Settings >> Products.

Lot ID and Packing Preferences

After you select the preferences, you should be able to see the “Lot ID” and “Packing” field in the interface (as highlighted in the screenshot below).


Packing and Lot ID input fields

For the short term, we have maintained both versions to allow customer to use the new screen and provide feedback to ensure we have not missed any critical use cases.

For customers interested to continue to use the old ‘Quick Stock Change’ screen, the older screen can be accessed by clicking on the blue link as highlighted in the screenshot below.  The old quick stock transfer screen will continue to be available only for a limited time

If you have comments about the feature, please send any feedback to [email protected]

*NEW* Sync Finale Orders to ShipStation

As one of the most requested features of all time (we’re not kidding!), we are excited and proud to announce that Finale orders can now be synced automatically to ShipStation for shipping and fulfilment.

Simply create the order in Finale and then select it as an order you want synced within Finale.   Finale will sync automatically sync the order to ShipStation within five minutes.

Once in ShipStation, the order behaves no differently than an order that was synced to ShipStation from other online channels such as Shopify or Amazon.

This capability is ideal for multi-channel retailers who primarily sell online marketplaces and their own web store, but occasionally need the ability to create a bulk or wholesales order in Finale.

Finale’s ability to associate unique price tiers for wholesale customers ensures Finale will correctly populate the item prices based on the customer group.

Click here to see a tutorial video.

More information on how to properly configure this feature can be found here.

Introducing the New Quick Stock Transfer Screen

As part of our mission to continue to make the software more intuitive and easy to understand, we have introduced the new ‘Quick Stock Transfer’ screen.

Additionally, we have added additional functionality to a USB or Bluetooth scanner to scan a UPC code, Finale shortcode, or other product look-up to quickly enter a product in the in the “Select product to transfer” field.

NEW Quick Stock Transfer Screen

We have maintained  both versions to allow customer to use the new screen and provide feedback to ensure we have not missed any critical use cases.

For customers interested using the old  ’Quick Stock Transfer’ screen, the old screen can be accessed by clicking on the blue link as highlighted in the screenshot below.

The old quick stock transfer screen will continue to be available for a limited time

If you have comments about the feature, please send any feedback to [email protected]



Introducing new Help Center

We have introduced a new Help Center where you can quickly find valuable information at your fingertips.  Many articles have been added to quickly find answers to commonly asked questions.

Answers can be found using the Search box or navigating through the topics below.  We will continue to add additional articles in the coming months.  Additionally, there are also handy links to the quick start guide, video tutorials, and blog as all three are great source of information.

In the event you do need to reach us, we have introduce a ticketing system to allow us to better serve our customers.

The Help center can be accessed through the ‘Help’ link located in the header of the application.  If you do not see it, you may need to refresh your browser to ensure the browser downloads the latest home screen revisions from the server.

Additionally, you may consider adding a bookmark to the Help Center.
The link is



New fields available for purchase orders and sales orders

We have added three additional optional fields – source, requested shipping, and fulfillment –  for purchase orders and sales orders.

The ‘source’ field represents the source of the order (e.g. email, fax, online, etc).
The ‘requested shipping’ field is the type of the shipping (e.g. standard, overnight, 2-day, etc) requested by the customer.
The ‘fulfillment’ field represent how the order will be fulfilled (e.g. UPS, FedEx, Freight) based on the requested shipping.

Additionally, additional options for source, requested shipping, or fulfilment field can be change under Applications Settings >> Purchasing or Applications Settings >> Selling.

All three fields are also available in reports.  Please contact [email protected] if you require report modifications.


Pushing fulfillment latency (DispatchTimeMax) to eBay listings

In addition to updated stock qtys, Finale can now also update fulfilment latency for eBay marketplace listings for advanced eBay sellers.

DispatchTimeMax is the max number of days in which the item will be dispatched or mailed to the customer. Specifying 0 means that the item is mailed to the customer as soon as the order is received.    In this case, the seller’s shipping commitment depends on the order cut off time set in the seller’s user preferences which defaults to 2:00 PM local time on most sites.

This time does not include the shipping time (the carrier’s transit time).

The authorized shipping times for Ebay are the following ones: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, or 20.

More information to setting up this capability up can found here.


Sears Integration is now Available

We are been continuing to expand our integrations for our multi-channel sellers and are excited to announce Finale now has support for Sears.  Some multi-channel seller look beyond eBay and Amazon and have found Sears as a viable option to increase their selling channels and generate incremental sales.

Sophisticated sellers know that it is too risky to rely on a few selling channels.  If your online store doesn’t work out or you are unable to sell on a certain marketplace, you need to have other channels that are still selling your products. Multiple sales channels can translate to multiple streams of revenue.  Additionally, Sears offers businesses a unique way for customers to access their goods as buyers can purchase items from any Sears store kiosk.

With Finale, you can use the Sears inventory management software to manage all of your sales channels from a single.  Adding Sears to Finale is simply as (1) entering your Sears API credentials to connect Finale to your Sears account and (2) telling Finale which products you want Finale to update.

More information on the Sears inventory management solution can be found here

Auto Update Stock Levels to Etsy Variation SKUs

Etsy recently addressed one of the most requested features from their customer base and introduced the option to add a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) to each listing or individual variation to make it easier to keep track of your items.

Etsy SKU Variations

Based on numerous requests from our Etsy customers, we are excited to announce we have improved our Etsy inventory management solution.  Finale now is capable to update stock qtys to the Etsy variations sku to mitigate overselling. Any quantity changes resulting from a stock operation (e.g. positive adjustments from a PO shipment or a negative adjustment to a sales shipment) will be updated to Etsy within five minutes.

More information on the Etsy inventory management solution be found here.

WiFi Syncing Available for Mobile Barcode Scanners

We are excited to announce WiFi syncing is now available for mobile barcode scanning solution.  Our comprehensive out-of-the-box barcode solution is designed to increase warehouse productivity and inventory count accuracy is more convenient and efficient with WiFi syncing. With WiFi, you can quickly sync the barcode scanning operations from the scanner’s memory to Finale instead of docking the scanner to the USB cable.

Since each barcode user need to login to the barcode scanner, every barcode operation is now tagged with the user providing you complete visibility and accountability.

WiFi Sync

For current barcode customers, below are details instructions how to get started:

1. QUIT the Finale Data Collector software.

Do not use the X in the upper right corner.  From the Main Menu, use More, More, More, QUIT!

2. Connecting your Barcode Scanner to your WiFi network.  Here are videos on how to connect your scanner to WiFi:

For a GREEN screen Windows 6.1 or earlier, click here.
or for a BLUE screen Windows 6.5, click here.

*If you are unable to connect the scanner to WiFi because of an error message stating the Adapter is not available, follow this step to fix the WiFi Radio not being available.

From the scanner’s Windows Start menu, Go to Settings, System, Remove Programs. You may see a file/program listed in the realm of “disable radios”   Remove that program.

Perform a Hard Boot on the scanner by pressing and holding the  ”W” key AND the “C” key AND while holding those two keys down press the Red Power key.  The scanner will reboot.

Then repeat step 2 above to connect your scanner to WiFi.

IF you are unsuccessful in connecting your Scanner to your WiFi network, Contact your network system’s Administrator for assistance or contact the company you purchased the scanner from.

Do not call Finale Inventory, we do not support troubleshooting your wireless network or hardware problems.

3. Update the software on the scanner to the latest release from Finale Inventory

Dock scanner to PC.  From Finale Inventory Home screen, choose Barcode scanning, Connect to docked mobile scanner, then click on the Green Button to connect to the scanner. Do not sync the scanner.  Click on link in upper right of screen that says Update scanner software

4. *** IMPORTANT *** Setting update: If you use Shipstation or Shipping Easy and you use the mobile barcode scanner to PICK and PACK the orders, you MUST make a setting change on this new WiFi Sync version of the software.

Go to Settings from the Main Menu of Finale Data collector.

Go to Setting # 47. Sync sale as: Shipped and Change it to Packed, and click done.

5. Undock scanner, and run the new software version.

It will have a  #1 Sync as the first option on the Main Menu.

Enter your account name.  Your account name is in between the slashes on your Finale Inventory Log in URL  For example if your web browser URL for your account is enter the account name in lowercase with no spaces when the scanner asks you for your account name.

Enter your username and password you log into Finale Inventory with on the web.

* Once you have successfully connected over WiFi with your account, the scanner will cache the account name and username for 24 hours.  You will have to type your password in again if the scanner loses connection or power.

You will only have to dock the scanner to your PC from now on to update the software, charge the scanner,  or if your wifi does not work or you do not have a wifi connection available.

NOTE: You do NOT use the 1. Sync to sync via the DOCK, you use the Barcode scanning, Connect to docked mobile scanning, Connection button in your browser.

If the warehouse does not have WiFi or the WiFi is spotty, data can still transfer by docking the scanning and syncing via USB.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.