Make smarter data-driven business decisions (including reordering) with product sale velocity

With every passing month, the numbers of sales transactions continue to grow for each Finale customer.  We have unlocked this valuable data by providing insightful sales velocity data to allow you to quickly learn how well a product is selling.

Some products have a higher sales velocity than others, and some have a higher velocity at certain times of the year. For instance, Halloween costumes have a higher sales velocity October, whereas these same products aren’t likely to move much (if at all) during the other eleven months

Being able to access historical inventory levels and analyze what products tend to stay on the virtual shelves longest provides valuable insights that help you make data-driven decisions that will grow your business.

In addition to product sales velocity, we have all added a “Days Until Stockout” metric to allow you to quickly provide you insight to how many days before you run out of stock.

These metrics can be turned on and made visible on the “View Stock Screen” by clicking on the ‘Customize this screen’ link located at the Application Settings drop-down menu.

Additionally, the sale velocity time frame can be configured.  The default is set to 30 days and can be changed at Application Settings >> Products.

With the product sales velocity data, customers can go beyond the static min/max reordering method and set-up sophisticated dynamic reordering points to make smart purchasing decisions.

Purchasing is one of the most critical and challenging tasks in any retail organization. You want to make customers happy by stocking the products that match their demand while meeting your company’s financial targets.

If you over-purchase, then you’ll have inventory taking up real estate in your warehouse and tying precious dollars that could be have reinvested elsewhere.  If you purchase too little, then you’ll miss sales opportunities by stocking out and frustrating customers in the process

Leveraging the sales velocity of a product, Finale will automatically calculate dynamic reorder points based on your inputs – supplier lead time, desired safety stock, and expected sales growth — to make smarter, faster purchasing decisions.

Reordering Based on Sales Velocity

More information to set-up automated dynamic reordering based on sales velocity can be found here.  General information to set-up reordering can be found here.

Please contact us if you need to assistance setting this up on your account.  We are help to help

Introducing Product Sales Graphs

With the new product sales graphs, you can drive actionable business decisions with real-time data to quickly get insight of product sale trends.

Located within the product details section, quickly set the date range and time period to allow you to quickly review the historical sales trends of any product.

Sales Graph

If the product sale graph are not applicable for your application, you can turn it off from
Applications Settings >> Screens >> Product Details.



Shopify POS Inventory Management

Shopify POS

We have enhanced our Shopify integration to now support Shopify POS transactions.

When Shopify and Finale are used together, Finale makes it simple to track inventory across your online and offline sales channels in one central location.

With multiple location support, Finale allows for inventory to be tracked as shared inventory or separate inventory for your online and offline channels.

More information on the Shopify inventory management solution can be found here.

Finale awarded Capterra “Most Recommended’ Badge

We are happy to announce Finale Inventory has been awarded a Capterra 2017 recommendation badge, based on reviews from Inventory Management software users.

There are several hundred products listed in the Inventory Management category, and Capterra has vetted over 200,000 vetted user reviews spanning across software categories.  As a result, we are are proud to named one of the few to receive this badge.

The scoring methodology used by the Capterra team can be found here.

Thank you to everyone who has provided a testimonial on Capterra.  We appreciate your support.  Your testimonial allows to us continue to grow and hire a larger staff to allow us to continue to add new features and better serve our customers.

If are interested in providing us a testimonial on Capterra, you can do so here.  We appreciate your assistance and thank you in advance.


Tracking numbers now sync from ShipStation

In addition to tracking the inventory from the shipments, we are happy to announce that Finale now has the ability to also sync down the shipment tracking numbers from the ShipStation integration.

The setting is turned off by default; the selling can be turned in the “ShipStation: Pull sales to Finale” configuration.

More information on the ShipStation inventory management solution can be found here.


WiFi Sync now 10x FASTER!


We are excited to announce our engineers have increased the WiFi sync speeds of the wireless barcode scanner by 10X!

No scanner software update is required.  The improved speeds should be immediatley noticeable the next time the scanner transmits or receives data.  Please note that the speed improvements only apply to WiFi syncing and not syncing via USB.

If your scanner is not currently syncing via WiFi, directions on configuring WiFi sync on the scanner can be found here.  Please contact us if you need any assistance.  We’re happy to help.

International FBA Support now Available

We proud to announce Finale now has international support for Amazon FBA in Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.  If you leverage FBA in these international markets, Finale allows a centralized view of your stock in the FBA locations as well as your own warehouse(s).

Please tuned for continued FBA enhancements in the coming months.  We have received many feature requests in this area so this will be an area of focus as we continue to improve the software.  If you haven’t given feedback and would like to provide with your FBA requests, please contact us at [email protected] to schedule a short call.

More information on the Amazon FBA inventory management solution can be found here.

A comprehensive guide how to sell on Amazon can be found here.

Introducing ‘Rapid Order Packing’ Barcode Scanning

We are excited to introduce the “rapid order” packing capability using the mobile handheld barcode scanners.  This new capability allow more flexibility on how customers want to leverage the barcode scanner to fulfill orders.

The two available packing options on the scanner are:

  1. Item By Item – All items on the order must be scanned
  2. Rapid Order Pack – Scan packed orders

The item by item method forces the warehouse worker to scan each item in the order, and the scanner will give an audio and video confirmation when the order is correctly packed.  The advantage of method is increased packing accuracy, but the disadvantage is the fulfillment time to pack each order will take longer since the warehouse workers need to scan each item to complete packing the order.

This packing method may be more suitable for companies that have many skus, skus that hard to distinguish from each other, and/or high ticket items.

The NEW “rapid order” method allow users to quickly visually confirm the contents of the packed orders and then scan the order number has been packed. The advantage is the the “rapid order” packing is the required time to pack an order is significantly decreased as the scanning of each item is no longer required.

This packing method may be more suitable for companies with a high volume of orders, but very few skus.

Please watch this tutorial video to learn more about which packing option may be more viable with your customer.

If you need assistance, we would be happy to review your application and provide the advantages and disadvantages of each option.  Please contact us at [email protected] to schedule a  consultation.

Introducing the NEW ‘Quick Stock Change’ Screen

Following the launch of the ‘Quick Stock Transfer’ screen, we have introduced the new ‘Quick Stock Change’ screen as part of our continued efforts to make the software more intuitive and easy to understand.

The “Quick Stock Change” operation allows you to make quick stock adjustments to your inventory by adding or subtracting quantities.

NEW Quick Store Change Screen

Most of our multi-channel ecommerce customers do not use the Packing or Lot ID field for their operations.  However, if you do need to leverage either the Packing or Lot ID field to better keep track of your products, please confirm the settings from Applications Settings >> Products.

Lot ID and Packing Preferences

After you select the preferences, you should be able to see the “Lot ID” and “Packing” field in the interface (as highlighted in the screenshot below).


Packing and Lot ID input fields

For the short term, we have maintained both versions to allow customer to use the new screen and provide feedback to ensure we have not missed any critical use cases.

For customers interested to continue to use the old ‘Quick Stock Change’ screen, the older screen can be accessed by clicking on the blue link as highlighted in the screenshot below.  The old quick stock transfer screen will continue to be available only for a limited time

If you have comments about the feature, please send any feedback to [email protected]

*NEW* Sync Finale Orders to ShipStation

As one of the most requested features of all time (we’re not kidding!), we are excited and proud to announce that Finale orders can now be synced automatically to ShipStation for shipping and fulfilment.

Simply create the order in Finale and then select it as an order you want synced within Finale.   Finale will sync automatically sync the order to ShipStation within five minutes.

Once in ShipStation, the order behaves no differently than an order that was synced to ShipStation from other online channels such as Shopify or Amazon.

This capability is ideal for multi-channel retailers who primarily sell online marketplaces and their own web store, but occasionally need the ability to create a bulk or wholesales order in Finale.

Finale’s ability to associate unique price tiers for wholesale customers ensures Finale will correctly populate the item prices based on the customer group.

Click here to see a tutorial video.

More information on how to properly configure this feature can be found here.