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Many of our multi-channel customers leverage ShipStation as their shipping software. If you are also, leveraging ShipStation for your shipping needs, Finale Inventory’s ShipStation integration make both inventory management and shipping easier than ever. With this configuration, Finale has the capability to keep track of the stock levels of all your products, even the ones with product variations (e.g. as 'color' or 'size').


If your company uses ShipStation, you can quickly add Finale Inventory to keep track of your stock on hand without changing your existing shipping process. Using ShipStation's API, Finale communicates with ShipStation behind the scenes to sync the orders and decrement the stock qty as orders are shipped.

Benefits Using Finale Inventory

There are many benefits to using Finale Inventory as your Etsy Inventory Management solution.

Easily keep track of your product variations. Etsy power sellers are keenly aware that Etsy previously does not have the ability to set variation skus for their listings with product variations. Etsy only allows creating a product listing with a list of multiple variations. For example, you have a listing of a red sweater with SKU 'ABC' with three sizing options (small, medium, large).

Regardless of which variation is sold, Etsy will provide the 'SKU' and size attribute. So when a product is sold, the information provided for the order will be something like "SKU 'red-sweater', small". Since a unique variation sku is not available, most inventory management solutions cannot keep track of the inventory.

If you are using [ShipStation as your shipping software, Finale provides an innovative solution to keep track of your variation. Finale will concatenate the SKU and the product attribute to create unique marketplace skus. As a result,

SKU 'red-sweater', small become 'red-sweater-small'
SKU 'red-sweater', medium become 'red-sweater-medium'
SKU 'red-sweater', large become 'red-sweater-large'

With three unique variations identified for the red sweater, Finale is able to keep track of the stock levels of each variation.

Instructions how to set this setting up can be found here.

NEW - Auto Update Stock Levels to Etsy Variation SKUs

Etsy recently addressed one of the most requested features from their customer base and introduced the option to add a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) to each listing or individual variation to make it easier to keep track of your items. Etsy has been rolling out this feature a rolling basis to all their customers. As a result, you may or may not see the variation skus capability in your account. If you do not, you can reach out to Etsy to enable this on your account.


If variation SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) are currently enabled on your Etsy account, Finale can be leveraged to update stock qtys to the Etsy variations sku to mitigate overselling. Any quantity changes resulting from a stock operation (e.g. positive adjustments from a PO shipment or a negative adjustment to a sales shipment) will be updated to Etsy within five minutes.

Please watch the video below to learn more how easily Finale manages your inventory and updates stock qtys to Etsy variation SKUs.

Simple Integration. Integration with Finale Inventory literally takes seconds to set-up. All is needed is your ShipStation login credentials. There are NO changes required to your current ShipStation configuration to immediately start syncing orders to Finale Inventory and effectively managing your inventory.

Auto Update Stock Levels to Multiple Etsy Accounts. Have multiple Etsy accounts? No problem. Finale can push stock updates to multiple Etsy accounts and can be configured to allow you to select which listing you want be updated for each Etsy account. Click here to see a tutorial video.

Multiple Marketplace Support. Effectively manage your inventory from multiple marketplaces (e.g. Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and Magento) via ShipStation. Easily consolidate your multi-channel sales to quickly see your inventory in one central location.

Avoid Overselling. Finale will update stock quantities to your Etsy listings and other selling channels every five minutes to ensure products are being oversold.

Product Kitting. Present more selling options to your prospective customers by setting up kits or bundles from your existing products. As kits are sold, Finale will adjust the stock quantities of the child components that comprises the kit.

Support allowing multiple SKUs for an unique Product ID. When you are selling products in different marketplace (e.g. Amazon and eBay), you may be forced to have different SKUs for the same product. Many customers manage this unnecessary complexity with Excel worksheets. Finale Inventory handles this with a couple mouse clicks and properly keeps tracks on your inventory.

Support High Transaction Volumes. Conduct a large number of transactions? No problem. Finale Inventory can support up to 50K transactions per month, and we are always scaling our architecture to support even higher volumes. High transaction customers can leverage our integrated turnkey mobile barcode solution to decrease warehouse operations times from receiving and picking while improving accuracy.

Multiple Shipping Location Support. Easily manage your inventory across multiple shipping warehouses from Finale Inventory.

Avoid Stock Outs. Keep your business humming along by creating product count thresholds to know what needs to be reordered to avoid costly stock outs.

The term 'Etsy' is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This application uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc.

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"Keeping track of inventory across multiple e-commerce channels can be just as taxing as streamlining fulfillment for online retailers. By partnering with Finale Inventory, we can help alleviate these pain points for our customers.”
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I would highly recommend Finale Inventory to any multi-channel retailer who wants to move beyond Excel spreadsheets to an easy, intuitive software solution to manage their inventory.

We've tried ERP systems at ten times the cost. Finale is the only cloud stock control system that had the depth of functionality to be used as order management software and warehouse management software while still being intuitive.

I would definitely recommend the product to everyone. Its simplicity yet scalability and speed is exactly what every inventory manager or COO must have.
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Saves everyone in our organization involved with products a ton of time and keeps me from running out of critical goods thus enabling us to grow continuously

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