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Greater flexibility with several invoicing options


Finale Inventory provides multiple invoice options to allow more flexibility to manage your sales process. Quotes allow companies to give estimates to a potential customer without any impact to the inventory stock levels. Conversely, sale orders are committed orders to customers, and inventory levels are adjusted to accommodate
for the sale order. Easily track quotes and sales orders in one location.

Consolidate your e-commerce sales

With the ShipStation inventory management integration, sales orders from multiple marketplaces (e.g. eBay) are automatically synced to a central location for easy look-up. No more manual data entry. No more perusing through multiple locations to find our your e-commerce orders.

Easily allocate your stock

Ensure stock required for sales does not move out the door accidentally by allocating stocks for sales orders. Powerful allocation reports allow you to quickly where the stock has been allocated to.

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Quickly understand gross margins

We talk to many potential customers, and it never ceases to amaze how many of then can easily determine which sales transaction is profitable or unprofitable. With Finale's sophisticated average unit cost algorithm, you'll always your product costs. Coupled with the items costs from the sales order, Finale will enable you to quickly understand the gross margins on your monthly sales, gross margin on each sales transaction, or gross margin for each product. This insight will give you visibility to make the proper pricing adjustments to achieve your desired gross margin goals.

Flexible shipping options

Finale provides a flexible picking and packing options to support your business. If your company has multiple warehouses, easily pick and pack products from a specific warehouse or multiple warehouses. Finale will properly track inventory levels at each location.

Every company strives to deliver every shipment in a timely manner. However, unexpected events sometimes cause a product to be out-of-stock. If one product is on backorder, there is no need to hold the entire shipment up and keep a valuable customer waiting. Finale Inventory makes it easy to ship what you have now and ship the rest when the remaining product arrives.
Additionally, companies with multiple warehouses would leverage split shipments to ship products from different warehouses.


Need additional granularity and ship products by lot IDs or serial numbers? No problem. Finale allows you to pick products with lot ID and serial number. The lot IDs and serial numbers information are archived to allow for easy retrieval at a later date. See the video to learn how to pick products by lot id.

Order discounts

Finale Inventory allows companies to set-up different price points for different customer segments. If you offer different prices for your various customers' segments, you can easily create pricing formulas for each of the price levels. Pricing formulas can simplify managing pricing levels by setting a fixed markup for all products (saving the need to manually enter a price for each product) and support sophisticated rules (such as using different markups for various combinations of product characteristics and quantity ordered).

Price levels are useful for companies who have both retail and wholesale customers.

Click here to see a quick illustrative video of this feature.


Sync your sales invoices to QuickBooks

Avoid typing the same data in two different locations. Finale Inventory has been designed to manage your stock and integrate in real time directly with your QuickBooks / QuickBooks Online accounting system. Finale sends QuickBooks sales invoices as you ship your sales orders and create invoices.

Easy return management

Have a customer returning a problem? No problem. Finale makes it easy to return a product, assign back to a specific location and properly adjust the inventory levels.

Customized Invoices, packing slips, and bill of laden

Design multiple document layouts if you need to create the perfect document to send out with your goods, Finale Inventory lets you customize them exactly how you want them.


Distinct packing and shipping operations

Larger warehouse companies sometimes have packing and shipping as two distinct warehouse operations. Shipments and transfers leaving from the company's warehouse may be packed into boxes and stored in specific locations days prior to leaving. For companies that want to track the boxing and packing stages, Finale provides this functionality to allow companies the precision to see the inventory status at all times.

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