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Finale provides direct integration with Etsy to regularly update stock levels, deactivate products that go out of stock, and re-activate products when new stock arrives. Finale loads orders from Etsy using our shipping software partner ShipStation.

Inactive listings and out of stock products

Etsy does not allow products to have a zero quantity. When the stock for a product in Finale goes to zero, then Finale will automatically deactivate the corresponding at listing at Etsy. When the quantity for a product Finale goes above zero, then Finale will activate the product and also set the quantity on the listing.

This means that once a listing in Etsy is mapped to a product in Finale, then to deactivate the listing you need to either set the quantity for the product in Finale to zero or remove the mapping and then deactivate the listing manually. If you don't do this, then Finale will automatically re-activate the product to reflect that stock is on hand.

Keeping track of product variations (for ShipStation customers)

Etsy power sellers are keenly aware that Etsy does not have the ability to set variation skus for their listings with product variations. Etsy only allows creating a product listing with a list of multiple variations. For example, you have a listing of a red sweater with SKU 'ABC' with three sizing options (small, medium, large).

Regardless of which variation is sold, Etsy will provide the 'SKU' and size attribute. So when a product is sold, the information provided for the order will be something like "SKU 'red-sweater', small". Since a unique variation sku is not available, most inventory management solutions cannot keep track of the inventory.

If you are using ShipStation as your shipping software, Finale provides an innovative solution to keep track of your variation. Finale will concatenate the SKU and the product attribute to create unique marketplace skus. As a result,

SKU 'red-sweater', small become 'red-sweater-small'
SKU 'red-sweater', medium become 'red-sweater-medium'
SKU 'red-sweater', large become 'red-sweater-large'

To set this configuration, please goto the "edit task configuration from the Action menu from the "Pull Sales to Finale" operation of the ShipStation connection.

Inlined image: sku2.png


1) Click on the Connections link
2) Select the "Add New Connection" button
3) Click on the "Edit Connection" link under the Action menu
4) Follow the instructions and enter your Etsy credentials
5) Click on the "Test Connection" button and ensure there is a green "Success. Finale successfully connected."

Possible Issues why Finale is not updating Etsy listings

The most common reasons and how to resolve them can be found here.

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