Lightspeed Integration


Finale provides a direct integrations with Lightspeed:

  • Import Lightspeed sales, convert them into Finale sales orders, and update stock levels

Pull sales to Finale configuration

  • Each Lightspeed shop can update stock levels at a different Finale sublocation, or all Lightspeed shops can be configured to update the same Finale sublocation
  • Taxes and discounts in Lightspeed import as adjustment lines in Finale. If the name of the tax or discount in Lightspeed matches (case-insensitive) the name of a discount & fee preset in Finale, then that preset gets used on the Finale order. Otherwise there are options to set a default preset to use on the configuration screen.

  • A Finale account can be connected to multiple Lightspeed accounts by creating multiple connections
  • A Lightspeed sale that is fully refunded or voided causes the corresponding Finale orders to be canceled. A partial refund or partial fulfillment in Lightspeed causes no change to the Finale order (import only handle fully fulfilled or refunded sales).
  • All Lightspeed sales import under a single Finale customer
  • Lightspeed sales can be imported with or without Finale invoices being created.
  • Lightspeed sales can have Finale bill of materials expanded on import

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