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Finale provides direct integration with Magento to regularly update stock levels, deactivate products that go out of stock, and re-activate products when new stock arrives. Finale loads orders from Magento using our shipping software partner ShipStation.


From the Connection, click on the "Edit Configuration" under the Actions menu. Follow the instructions, and enter Magento URL, Username, and API Key. If successfully connected, you should see a GREEN "Success" message when the "Test Connection" is clicked.

Troubleshooting of not being able to Connect Magento to Finale

1. Ensure your Magento URL, Username, and API Key are correct

2. Ensure that https SSL certificate is installed and enabled on Magento instance

3. Web settings at System -> Configuration -> Web -> Url Options , ensure "Auto-redirect to Base URL" to set to "NO."

4. In the .htaccess, there is below redirection rule which redirect api to homepage url. Ensure RewriteRule ^api/([a-z][0-9a-z_]+)/?$ api.php?type=$1 [QSA,L] is commented by default.

5. You may have a firewall that blocking the remote requests. Please review information on network connectivity and make appropriate changes to your system.

Finale is updating the stock value slowly

1. Enable the WSDL Cache in Magento

2. If you have Catalog Prices Rules in place, try disabling it and see if you notice an improvement

Possible Issues why Finale is not updating Magneto listings

The most common reasons and how to resolve them can be found here.

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