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Barcoding - Order Picking & Packing

Order picking is by far the most labor-intensive process in the warehouse and also the most error prone – which makes it an ideal workflow for operational improvements. Order picking is also the activity that plays the biggest role for customer satisfaction with the warehouse. Order picking is the last touch point between you and your customers. Mistakes happen, but in order picking operations, reducing the number of errors is critically important.

Incorrect packed shipments will increase service calls from unhappy customers resulting in time and money. Not only is the customer with the incorrect order harmed, so are potential future customers who suffer because of inventory errors delaying orders.

The integrated Finale mobile barcode scanner solution will improve the order picking efficiency and mitigate costly picking errors. Finale will automatically provide each handheld with updated lists of items to pick, and built-in barcode scanning will ensure staff can pick and pack stock accurately from anywhere.

Data is normally transmitted from the wireless barcode scanner to Finale via WiFi. If the warehouse does not have not WiFi or the WiFi is spotty, the data can able also be transferred by docking the scanning and syncing via USB cable.

The barcode scanner has four picking options and two packing options to allow you to decide which picking operation is best for your operations.


  1. Basic - Un-Guided Discrete Picking (Picking a sales order one by one)

  2. Basic - Directed Picking (One order at a time)
  3. Advanced Batch- Barcode Wave Picking

  4. Advanced Batch- Barcode Pick and Pack


  1. Item By Item - All items on the order must be scanned
  2. Scan packed orders

When it's time to pick and ship e-commerce orders, most small businesses tend to start with the basic picking, picking orders one by one. This fulfillment process usually involves printing out paper pick lists for each order, using the barcode scanner to pick items for one order at a time, packing and shipping that order, then moving on to the next pick list on the printed stack.

This basic picking routine is called discrete picking and shipping and is the most common fulfillment method among online retailers. The advantage is discrete fulfillment is straightforward and easy to adopt, but simplicity comes at a major cost in fulfillment efficiency.

As order volumes grow, companies typically migrate to a batch picking process, wave picking or pick and pack. The basic batch fulfillment workflow is simple. Instead of starting with one order, a store worker will group similar orders together in batches. Travel time can easily account for 50% or more of order picking hours. By combining orders into a single batch, the time spent walking through the warehouse is greatly diminished.

Regardless of the picking or packing option, Finale will instantly speed up the picking and packing process by scanning the barcode when an item or order is picked or packed. As items are scanned, Finale checks every picked item against its barcode and alerts the user if the incorrect items were picked. If your warehouse segmented by sublocations (e.g aisles, shelves, or bins), the scanner can be additionally configured to alert the user where to find and pick the item.

Check out videos below to learn about the various barcoding picking options.

Order Picking and Packing Options Overview

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