Barcoding – Stock transfer with barcode scanner

Stock Transfer is an inventory operation to move the stock inventory from one location to another location. Stock transfers can occur either within one location or between two physical locations.  Conducting a stock transfer with barcode scanner save you time and mitigate human errors by eliminating the need to write the transactions on a pad of paper.

stock transfer with barcode scanner


With the mobile barcode scanner, this inventory operation is quick, easy, and is completed with a couple scans. Data is normally transmitted from the wireless barcode scanner to Finale via WiFi. If the warehouse does not have not WiFi or the WiFi is spotty, the data can able also be transferred by docking the scanning and syncing via USB cable.

With a stock transfer operation, stock qty will be decremented from the origination location and added to the destination operation.

With this operation, stock transfer with barcode scanner, Finale will also log the transaction to allow to audit and to see WHO did the operation and WHEn the operations was performed to provide you an audit trail of the stock operations.

Note shown in video: WiFI syncing also available

Video transcription of stock transfer with barcode scanner

Hello, this is Mike, Finale Inventory. Gonna to give you a short demonstration on how to do a transfer with barcode scanner here in Finale. So, it’s a very simple and easy to do operation. We’ll start from the stock screen in Finale. So, on this example, you’ll see that I have the APIE item highlighted. And that we have three units in location M3. So, let’s say we wanna transfer from M3 to M1. Well, that’s easy to do. So, what we would do, I’m going to show you by pulling up the camera here. And we’re going to get into the view here for you to see this. But from the home screen here, we would choose the transfer option and the first thing it’s gonna ask is enter the “from sublocation”, so, where you gonna transfer it from? Well, there in M3, so, all we need to do is scan this barcode over here that’s representation of the M3 sublocation. The next thing that the unit’s going to do is ask you where do you wanna transfer it to. So, we’ll transfer it to this M1 sublocation.

The next thing it’s gonna ask you is, let’s go ahead and scan the item you wish to transfer from M3 to M1. So, I can just sit here and transfer all three units if I want or just one, but if I scan the apple pie, that counts one item, so, you’ll see that it says last right there at the bottom. It says, last one of the apple pie. So, I’ve transferred one. If I scan another one, it’s transferred two. If i scan the third one, I’ve transferred three. So, if we want to review that, we can actually see all the items that we’ve transferred. I could do a review, and you’ll see that we have transferred three APIEs from M3. And go back to the main menu. That’s it. That’s as easy it is to do a stock transfer with barcode scanner solution from Finale Inventory.

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