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warehouse stock transfers using Finale Inventory Scanner

Transferring Inventory with the Barcode Scanning App

If your organization has more than one warehouse or more than one location, managing stock transfer orders is a critical task. There are many reasons that you may need to move stock from one place to another — from managing the supply of a hot item to making better use of your space. Whatever the reason, it's essential that stock transfers are accurately documented every time.

Failing to handle stock transfer requests properly can lead to administrative inaccuracies, lost productivity and customer dissatisfaction. Fortunately, Finale Inventory can help. Our easy-to-use software and barcode scanner system will simplify the process to save you time and money. Here's how.

Managing Stock Transfer Orders with Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory will let you move stock from one location to another using a barcode scanner — the system's interface will walk you through the process of selecting the item, choosing an origin and destination location and completing the scan. The barcode scanner will then connect to your cloud-based inventory database via Wi-Fi and automatically update your stock location.

If you don't have Wi-Fi available in your warehouse or your connection is unreliable, don't worry. The transfer will be saved on the scanner itself and uploaded later, either when a Wi-Fi connection is present or via a USB dock. There's no danger of data duplication and little chance that the change will go unrecorded.

Regardless of when you upload it, the system will log the original time the transfer was created, giving you an accurate audit trail for record-keeping purposes.

Why Use a Barcode Scanner App for Stock Transfers?

There are several benefits to using the Finale Inventory barcode scanner for stock transfers, including that it:

  • Gives warehouse employees the tools to correctly enter stock transfers into the system, helping to ensure accurate reporting
  • Provides management with a real-time look at where their inventory is stored and what is available, helping them make more informed decisions
  • Is easy to train staff on, making it simple to onboard new team members and reducing downtime due to training
  • Has a cloud-based database that maintains the integrity of your data at all times, reducing the risk of lost transfer orders
  • Integrates with your sales, channel management, accounting and other enterprise software to improve accuracy system-wide
  • Remains scalable to grow with your business — to process more handheld stock transfers, the only hardware expense is an additional scanner

Part of a complete inventory management solution, Finale Inventory is a valuable tool for warehouses, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and a variety of other businesses. Our product is affordable and straightforward — it will fit seamlessly into your existing workflow while improving productivity and accuracy.

Transfer Stock with the Barcode Scanner

Video Transcription

Hello, this is Mike, Finale Inventory. Going to give you a short demonstration on how to do a transfer with barcode scanner here in Finale. So, it's very simple and easy to do operation. We'll start from the stock screen in Finale. So, on this example, you'll see that I have the APIE item highlighted. And that we have three units in location M3. So, let's say we wanna transfer from M3 to M1. Well, that's easy to do. So, what we would do, I'm going to show you by pulling up the camera here. And we're going to get into the view here for you to see this. But from the home screen here, we would choose the transfer option and the first thing it's going to ask is enter the "from sublocation", so, where are you going transfer it from? Well, there in M3, so, all we need to do is scan this barcode over here that's a representation of the M3 sublocation. The next thing that the unit's going to do is ask you where do you wanna transfer it to. So, we'll transfer it to this M1 sublocation.

The next thing it's gonna ask you is, let's go ahead and scan the item you wish to transfer from M3 to M1. So, I can just sit here and transfer all three units if I want or just one, but if I scan the apple pie, that counts one item, so, you'll see that it says last right there at the bottom. It says last one of the apple pie. So, I've transferred one. If I scan another one, it's transferred two. If I scan the third one, I've transferred three. So, if we want to review that, we can actually see all the items that we've transferred. I could do a review, and you'll see that we have transferred three APIEs from M3. And go back to the main menu. That's it. That's as easy it is to do a stock transfer with barcode scanner solution from Finale Inventory.

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