Barcoding – Receiving Shipments

If you already use a barcode system and barcode software to expedite counting and reduce human error in shipments and stock takes, then you’ll be happy to know that Finale Inventory supports every barcode system we’ve seen. — whether you print your own labels, use the manufacturer applied barcodes, use serial numbers, product IDs, lot IDs, pre-printed barcode labels, or generic sequential barcode labels. However you are currently doing it, Finale Inventory will fit into your system with extraordinary efficiency.

Receiving the shipment with a mobile barcode scanner

This video illustrates end-to-end how you would create the purchase order in Finale and then leverage the integrated mobile barcode scanner solution to receive a shipment with a mobile barcode scanner.

The scanners work in “data collector” mode and automatically syncs with Finale Inventory via WiFI or when the scanner is docked with the computer. Data is normally transmitted from the scanner to Finale via WiFi. If the warehouse does not have not WiFi or the WiFi is spotty, the data can able also be transferred by docking the scanner and syncing via USB cable.

The purchase orders for incoming shipments and picks lists for outgoing shipments are automatically downloaded to the scanner’s memory. The scanner is then used ‘offline’ to perform the standard warehouse procedures. After the picking or receiving process is complete, the scanner is docked, and the data is transferred from the scanner’s memory to Finale Inventory.

Below is an typical example of receiving products from a shipping container:

  1. Undock the scanner
  2. Scan the bar code on the purchase order or key in the purchase order in the scanner. The scanner will list the expected products in the shipment.
  3. Scan each product in the shipment
  4. Once receiving is complete, save the operation in the scanner. Data is then stored in the memory of the scanner.
  5. Dock the scanner. The data will be automatically be synced to Finale inventory.

Of course, unplanned events can and are likely to occur. The scanner software is designed to be flexible and will address many unexpected use cases similar to the ones below:

* Wrong product scanned – Scanner will give give visual and audio alerts which an item not on the packing slip is scanned.
* Missing products – Scanner will alert user which products are missing in the purchase order.
* Wrong items contained to shipment – Scan the product anyways. Inaccurate items in the purchase order will be downloaded to Finale Inventory.
* Missing documentation – Create a temporarily shipment order with the scanner and then scan the items. The conciliation will be done within Finale inventory.

This tutorial video highlights three different, but common scenarios to receive a product in.

#1 Product with known UPC code.

(3:26) For this product, the UPC code is is already mapped to a product id. With this common scenario, receiving in products is quick and easy. Simply scan the product, and you are done.

#2 Product with no barcode label

(3:40) To receive in a product that does not have a barcode
Quite often, products do not have barcodes on them. You can leverage Finale to print out custom barcode labels out in advance. When the shipment arrives, we simply attached a barcode label to the product and scan the product in.

#3 Product with unknown UPC code.

(4:30) Using the barcode scanner to receive with an unknown UPC code.
For this situation, the mobile scanner can be put in “learn mode” to associate an unknown barcode to a product id on-the-fly.

Note shown in video: WiFI syncing also available

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