Barcoding – Receiving Shipments With Serial Numbers

If you want to keep track of serial numbers within Finale, it is optimal to be receiving shipments with serial numbers when the product arrive at the loading dock. This process is ideal using a barcode scanner to scan and record the serial number.  For many products such as electronics and computers, the serial number and the barcode of the serial is printed on the product tag.

With this scenario, it is optimal to use a barcode scanner to record the serial number. Compared to old-fashioned pencil and paper, the barcode scanner will greatly reduce the time to record the serial number and eliminated the high potential for human data entry error.

Receiving Shipments With Serial Numbers

This video illustrates end-to-end how you would create the purchase order in Finale and then leverage the integrated mobile barcode scanner solution with the operation of receiving shipments with serial numbers.

Once the serial number are recorded, Finale will provide you complete visibility for a specific product. You will have complete visibility such as :

  1. Who and when product ‘ABC’ with serial number ‘12345’ was received in
  2. When this product was transferred to other locations
  3. Who bought this product with serial number ‘12345’ and when the product was shipped

Video Transcription of Receiving Shipments With Serial Numbers

Hello, this is Mike, Finale inventory. I’m gonna give you a quick demonstration on how the process of receiving shipments with serial numbers, or Lot numbers, or Lot IDs with the barcode scanner. So we’ll begin by taking a look at our stock levels here in this demo account. I’ve got two hard drives here. I’ve got a Seagate BarraCuda and a Western Digital. And if you also noticed that there’s two, I’ve already entered in a purchase order. So I’m gonna be bringing in two units of the Seagate and one unit of the Western digital on the purchase order. So let’s take a look at the purchase order real quick. I’m just gonna go over the purchase order because this is where you would begin by receiving. So you need to have a purchase order. So I’ve created a purchase order. I’ve got two of the Seagates and one of the Western Digitals.

I’ve also committed it. That’s also key. Make sure you commit the purchase order, otherwise it will not show up in the barcode scanner. So now that I have those two, where would I start? Well, hey, I would probably suggest you go ahead and print the purchase order. So when you print the purchase order, that’s going to give you a document that kind of looks like this here. So that’ll give you a way to bring up the order by scanning it in the scanner. So let’s take a look at how we would proceed to receive this unit in from the scanner. So I’m gonna turn on my web camera here so you can see a little bit from there. I’m also gonna bring up my link to my barcode scanner here. So we would want to do a receive to start of the process of receiving shipments with serial numbers. So we’re gonna click on ‘receive’.

It’s gonna ask us to enter the order ID. Well, this would be the purchase order number. So I’m gonna show you here that I have the printout of the purchase orders, so I would choose the Receive. So I’m gonna scan the order ID. As I do, it brings up and confirms that we have the Demo-Serial Number-LOT-PO on the screen, and it’s asking me to enter a sublocation for where I’m gonna receive the items. So I’ve got two bins here in front of me, so I’ve got bin number eight and bin number nine. So I’m going to scan let’s say bin number eight here, and now it asks me to scan the item that I wish to receive.

So this would be the normal behavior if you use the scanner as you first get it. So what I’m gonna do here is show you… I’ve got a hard drive here and I’m gonna scan my item number here. And if you notice that it just said that it scanned one of two, which we may be expecting, but, you know, it didn’t ask us about the serial number. So that means that we don’t have the Barcode scanner in a serial number mode. So that’s what we’re gonna want to do is we’re going to undo this, and we need to turn on serial numbers to be able to start receiving shipments with serial numbers

So I’m going to go back to the main menu. And from the main menu, I’m gonna go to more and then more and go to number 14 settings. So as I look at the settings, were interested in the receive settings. So look there at the top four. You’ve got the receive settings. So number one, I wanna turn on learn mode so I can learn these serial numbers. So I’m gonna change that to a, yes, and I’m also gonna turn my serial number mode to auto.

Now Auto, we have two different methods. We have Auto, which is going to ask you for a product ID, and then it’s gonna ask you to just scan multiple serial numbers in for that product ID. Or you could go to semi mode, which means it’s gonna ask you for a product ID, then a serial ID. Then another product ID, and then another serial ID. So there’s two different modes there in manual mode, which is, basically, you have to drive and you have to tell it, “Oh hey, I want a new serial number now.” So it’s a lot more labor intensive to go that way. But we’re gonna do this demonstration on Auto. So I’m gonna set it to Auto and now we’re going to behave a little bit differently. So we’re going to go receive, we’re going to do the exact same function we just did a while ago.

So here we go. We’re gonna scan that purchase order again. It’s gonna ask us where are we going to receive it? So I’m gonna scan this number eight, and now it’s asking us to scan the product ID to receive. So let’s start off with one of the two Seagate hard drives. So I’m gonna grab this one here and, of course, now notice that it’s asking me, “Okay, give me the serial number for this Seagate that I just scanned.” So I can see here there’s a serial number barcode right here. So I’m gonna grab that serial number right off the top. So I recorded that serial number, and I need to go ahead and get the second BarraCuda or Seagate drive. So notice that the inner box there is also saying, “Hey, if I wanted to switch to receive the western digital, I would press the enter key to switch to the next product.”

But since I know I’m getting in two Seagate’s, I’m going to go ahead and just go ahead and scan that serial number for the next unit. I don’t have to scan the barcode again for the item number. So I’m gonna pick up the next Seagate drive and only scan the serial number. So I’ve recorded the serial number of that drive. So now I have received in the two Seagate drives. I want to move on to the Western Digital. So I just need to press the enter key here. So I’m gonna press the enter key and the barcode scanner’s going to ask us to hey, scan a product ID. So I’m gonna go ahead and grab the Western Digital hard drive, and we’re gonna scan its barcode. And then it’s gonna ask me for the serial number for this one. So I can see the serial number barcode right here on top.

So I’m gonna go ahead and scan it and I’ve got that serial number. So I’ve just now received in all three drives, and I’ve also recorded their serial numbers. So I’m done with this PO, so I’m going to go to the menu. If I wanted to review it, I could. So I can see I’ve received in two of two and a one of one on the Western Digital. And I’m gonna go done. Let’s go back. Exit the main menu. Now, let’s sync this barcode scanner. So we’re going to go ahead and sync this back up to the cloud. We can go to home here, go to barcode scanning, connect, and let’s sync this back up. So now you can see that we’ve got the two Seagate drives and the one western digital. And you can see the serial numbers are all being recorded here and they’re all going into this A eight location.

So I’m going to go ahead and minimize this here for you and let’s sync this up. And that will just about do it for receiving a serialized. Now, it works the same way if it’s a Lot ID. So let’s go take a look now at our inventory stock. So as I look now, I’ve got two hard drives, and one hard drive on hand for each of these corresponding. If I were to expand them out, you’ll see the serial numbers. So there are the two different serial numbers for the Seagate drive and the one serial number for the western digital. That’s how you receive serialized items with the barcode scanner.

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