Barcode Serial Numbers

If a company resells serial numbered products, it is often the case that the serial numbers are already printed on or attached to the products as barcodes when the company receives them from its supplier. Thus it is common to use to barcode serial numbers for internal stock record keeping also, rather than assigning new serial numbers.

The time at which you typically record these serial number into your inventory records is when you receive the products into your inventory as a shipment. As you unload boxes from the truck or unpack items from a box, you barcode serial numbers and associate them with the items in the inventory system that they represent.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Will from Finale Inventory. I’m going to show you how, using a mobile barcode scanner and the Finale Inventory, you can receive and barcode serial numbers with only a single click per item. It’s incredibly fast. The operation that we’re doing is we’re Receiving, we’re in our Receiving dock. I have four items that are all the same, except each has its own serial number represented by the barcode.

So, since I’m doing a Receive operation, I’m going to start off by just selecting Receive on the scanner, pick the order that I’m receiving against, scan the sublocation, the Receiving dock where I’m receiving these items. And now I’m ready to go. The first thing I do is, I scan what type of item it is from the binder of product IDs I’ve printed out. Now I look at my list of four items, and I just go through each item. Scan, scan, scan, scan.

So, that process scanned in four items and recorded the serial numbers that I scanned in as the serial number of each item. Now, it may not be all that impressive when I just have four boxes, but if you’re the type of company that receives 100 or 200 items of the same type in one box, it’s really pretty nice that you only have to scan each item once.

Assigning serial number barcodes on the fly

In some situations it is impossible to print out specific barcode labels for products in advance. If a supplier commonly makes substitutions, for example, then you can’t know in advance of receiving a shipment from that supplier exactly what it contains. Therefore you can’t know exactly what specific barcode labels to print to stick onto the boxes or items as you are receiving them. In situations like this, a useful approach for barcode identification is to assign barcodes on-the-fly.

The scenario is this: a truck arrives at your facility with a shipment of items. To receive these items and barcode serial numbers, you want to unload the boxes from the truck and apply barcode labels to them for your inventory management software. But what labels to apply?

To assign barcodes on-the-fly, you simply print out a booklet of generic barcode labels. Each barcode represents a unique number, but it doesn’t matter what the number is. They could just be sequential, 1,2,3,4, etc., but make sure they don’t overlap with barcodes that you’ve used before.

Then as you unload a box from the truck, you pull off one of the generic barcode labels and stick it on the box. Select the product ID that it represents and barcode serial numbers From this point on, Finale remembers the associations between the barcodes that you put on the boxes, so if you later scan these items to do a transfer or sale from your inventory, the scan key correctly identifies what the items are.

Barcode serial numbers on the fly

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