Basic order picking with scanner

The mobile data collector has several options to pick and pack your sales orders to allow for maximum flexibility to align with the workflows of your picking operations.  The most simple method is called ‘basic order picking’ (or discrete order picking), and the basic order picking method simply means you will be fulfilling orders one at a time with the scanner.

After an order is selected, the scanner will tell the warehouse picker the first item that needs to scan to fulfill the order.  After the picker has correctly scanner the correct barcode and number of units, the scanner will confirm the items were correctly scanned and then asked the picker to scan the second product.  This process will continue until the picker has accurately scanned all the items to fulfill the order.

Note shown in video: WiFI syncing also available

Basic order picking video transcription

Hello, this is Mike. Finale Inventory. I’m gonna give you a short demonstration on how to use the basic order picking method to pick a order. So we’ll start by going from our home screen here just to show you that we’ve got two sales orders in my example here. We’ve got this good pick sale order and a bad pick sale order, and we’re gonna use each one to kind of give you an example of one, picking it correctly, and then the bad one would be, we’re gonna pick the wrong item and so you can see what the scanner’s going to do.

So let’s go ahead and we’re gonna show you. I’m gonna bring up the camera here. So in this example, one order, the first order, is gonna have PID1 and PID2 on it. Those are the two items represented by the silver card. The second order that we’re going to do just has PID1 on it, but we’re gonna use that yellow card as an example of scanning the wrong order. So where we normally start, we’re gonna have our handheld here. We’re gonna choose the pick operation, and it’s gonna ask us to enter the order ID that we wish to pick. So we’re going to use this example of this sales order here and this is the one that’s got PID1 and PID2. So we’ll simply scan the barcode at the top.

That will bring up the order, and it says, Hey, this is the good sales order, and it just says, go ahead and scan the items. So, we look on the paper, it tells us we need, you know, PID1 and PID2. We need two of each. So I’m gonna scan the PID1, PID1 again and notice that the tone changed that means we got it all. So we’re gonna scan the second item there, PID2.

Now, did you hear the tone, that says, hey, we got both of those. So, at this moment, we would say, hey, we’re done. We can actually go to the menu item here and we could do a review and you would see that we got two of PID1 and two of PID2. We’re good on this one. Everything’s green. We’re done.

So let’s go back to the menu here and we’re gonna pick the second order with the basic order picking method. So the second order is one we’re gonna make a mistake on. So we’re gonna go ahead and hit pick. We’re going to get the sales order for the bad picking operations. See it just has PID1 on it. So we’ll go ahead and scan this order and it tells us we’re on the right order, the bad pick. So we’re supposed to scan this PID1, but if we make a mistake, let’s see what happens. So we’re gonna scan the wrong item here, and you’ll hear that different tone. If you look at the bottom, it’s red and it says, last, one of zero, which is telling you that that item is not on the order. So if we were to view and then do a review item, you’ll see that it shows, hey, this order really only has one item on it, the PID1 and the red item is highlighting that you’ve scanned something that’s not really on that order.

So that’s an example of the basics of how the scanner will kind of keep you out of trouble. So you can easily get rid of that item. And I’m just going to choose the bad item, I’m gonna delete it and then I’d just go back to done, and I’d go back and scan the correct item over here. And now we got the good tone and the green message, one of one. So we know that we’ve picked this order and I can review that. So we’re fully picked and back to the main menu. That’s as easy as it is to do a simple pick and order fulfillment of sales orders in Finale.