New Blog for the New Year

With the new year, we are launching a new blog for Finale Inventory.

The year 2012 was an exciting year for Finale.  We started the year with a minimally functional product and a handful of intrepid early adopters in the fireworks industry.  During the year we delivered new features pretty much every week, and now the product has advanced inventory, shipping, and order management capabilities.  Companies from the fireworks industry throughout the English speaking world have adopted the product over the course of the year. During the last few months of the year we began adding companies from other industries, who’ve been attracted by the combination of deep functionality and ease of use.

In 2013 we’ll continue to focus on improving the product for all kinds of companies.   Although we don’t know today what exactly those improvements will be, we do know that we’ll continue to focus on regularly delivering the most important things our customers are asking for.

This year we will also continue to build out the Finale Inventory web site as a resource both for companies considering the product and companies already using it.   We don’t yet know all the topics we’ll cover in this blog, we expect it will include articles about inventory management based on our learnings working with customers and regular updates on product development.  We are beginning to build out a product tour to show what the product is capable of and a documentation website to explain in detail how to use the software.

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