Conducting a Stock Change

This video shows the process of conducting a stock change using our software.  A stock change modifies the count of a stock item.   A stock change can be used to add or subtract stock quantitates for your products.  It is a simple process that can help you correct mistakes and make adjustment in your inventory.  If your product have a shelf life, a stock change can be used to decrement stock levels for the products that can no longer be sold.

conducting a stock change


Stock change can be conducted from directly within the application or using a mobile barcode scanner.

This video illustrates the process of conducting a stock change  from directly in the web interface.

Conducting a Stock Change

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Chinh from Finale Inventory. In this session, I’m going to show you how to do a quick stock change.

Let’s open up Finale and if I go back to my home screen and click on my view stock, the props I’m going to use for this demo are my polo shirts. Let’s say, for example, you’re doing a stock take, stock audit, and you notice in the warehouse even though it says 10, you actually have 9 red polo shirts and instead of 30, you have 29.

You have to make some quick changes. There’s a couple ways to do that, but the quickest way to make a quick stock change is to go to home, click on stock change here, type in the product. Again, we had 10 and we did a quick count and we have only 9. We need to click on this button here and go to subtract one and click add/subtract.

The same thing for the green, I find my green polo shirt here. If I go S1 here, click on that and instead of 30, we actually have only 29. If you want to do the stock change, stock audit change, stock audit, on 10/12, I hit add/subtract and that’s it. If I go back to my home and view stock, now you see it’s 9 and 29.