Conducting a Stock Transfer

This video shows the process of conducting a stock transfer using our software. The stock transfer function is the process of moving the stock inventory from one location to another location.  With multi location support, you can move your stock between sublocations while Finale still keeps track of how many you have on hand.

Finale also have the ability to conduct stock changes using a mobile barcode scanner.


conducting a stock transfer


With this, there are also ways you can transfer stock in bulk. See the video below for instruction:

Conducting a Stock Transfer

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Video Transcription

Hi. This is Chinh from Finale Inventory. In this session, I’m gonna show you how to the process of conducting a stock transfer. So, let’s click on my View stock to show you what products I’m using for the operation in this demo. And I’m gonna use my polo shirts, red, green, yellow, and purple. If you look to the right in Sublocations, that means they’re all contained in one Sublocation, in this example is S1. But let’s say I wanna move some stock from one sublocation to another, so I can click on Stock transfer here. If I…and just type in the product, so let’s say it’s Red Polo Shirt. Now you should just click on this product to basically populate this to move it from S1. And let’s say I move four from S1 to simply S2, and I hit Commit.

If you see here, now I have six in S1 and four in S2. If I go to Home and click on View stock, I still have 10 total. But do you see how my products are divided between S1 and S2? If you wanna see how many you have in each sublocation, you can click on this arrow here to basically show you how many you have. If you want, you can just say when I have in my S1 warehouse or, well, sublocation, I have six. So, there’s multiple ways of basically show you how much you have. But now, we have basically six red polo shirts in S1 and six in S2.

Let’s give you another example of illustrating the process of conducting a stock transfer in bulk. So, let’s say, now I’m gonna transfer two products from my main warehouse. So, I click on Enter batch stock transfer. And let’s say I wanna move some products to my Oregon warehouse which has sublocation B1. So, what I do is I type in Polo shirts. Now, what I do here is just type in the numbers I wanna send. So, let’s say I want three, four, five and the correct sublocations B1, B1, B1. So now, what I do is I hit Save now and I select my destination which is Oregon and I ship the shipment here.

So, this is me basically shipping my shipment from my S1 warehouse and then when the product has arrived at my B1 warehouse, I just set to Receive shipment. And here we go. So, if I go… I think I’m done. So, if I click on my View stock, now you see my stock is…it basically mixed between my S1 in my main warehouse and B1 in my Oregon warehouse. And again, if I type in…click in these arrows here, it’ll kind of show you the breakout.

Lastly, if you sell yourself conducting a stock transfer operation one by one frequently, and that’s a very common operation, you know, one of the things you can also use is our integrated barcode scanning solution. That makes it even more easy to basically scan the products as you’re basically transferring from one sublocation to another.