Finale Inventory Webinar with eCommerce Fuel

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Friday, February 18th at 12pm EST

The time is almost here to see Finale Inventory in Action!  Join us for a webinar catered to the ECF community showcasing Finale Inventory's capabilities and benefits.

Join Finale veterans Fred Ferrari and Mike Kroeger as they go in depth on the benefits of adopting Finale Inventory as your inventory management solution.


Attendees will:

Benefits of Finale Inventory

Finale is proud to have several outstanding ECF members as customers already, and we're thrilled at the opportunity to meet more of the ECF community.

Finale Inventory is a full featured inventory software able to meet all your inventory management needs, such as:

  • Cloud Based: Finale Inventory is 100% cloud based for fast, reliable service.  We boast a 99.9% uptime hosted on Amazon AWS.  You'll be able to access Finale Inventory anywhere  from any machine or device.
  • eCommerce Inventory Management: Store and track all of your inventory in one centralized software. Finale Inventory is designed to manage and maintain all of your eCommerce marketplaces to help you eliminate overselling.
  • Order management: Keep order management simplified by consolidating all of your marketplaces into one central software. By integrating into all of your sales channels, Finale keeps your inventory levels accurate and up to date.
  • Purchasing and replenishment: Finale provides full purchasing capabilities to help you maintain your supply chain.  With inventory forecasting and dynamic reorder points, Finale can anticipate the best time to replenish your stock to maximize your sales potential and reduce excess inventory overhead.
  • Inventory accounting and landed costs: Finale’s accounting functions and reports provide you with a clear and complete picture of your inventory finances.
  • Warehouse management: Track all operations at a single warehouse or multiple warehouses, using features like purchase order receiving, stock counting and transfers, and order picking.
  • Serial and lot number tracking: Manage all of your serial numbers and Lot IDs through Finale's robust inventory tracking, and gain insight and visibility into the stock history of every transaction.
  • Product kitting and bundling: Product bundles are the easiest way to increase your offering without increasing overhead.  Take advantage of Finale's powerful bundling capability to maximize your sales potential.
  • Barcode label generation: Don't have barcodes for your products yet? No problem! Not only can Finale use any existing barcodes you already have, Finale can generate unique UPC labels or QR codes for your products. We also have a very customizable label generator.
  • Light manufacturing and assembly: Light manufacturing has never been easier with product manufacturing and assembling through Finale.
  • API: The sky is the limit.  Finale boasts an open API to give you endless possibilities.

Register for the Webinar

If you don't think you'll make it, but are still interested in seeing the recorded webinar, please register for the webinar.  As soon as we finish the webinar, we'll be emailing a link to all participants and individuals who register, regardless of attendance.