Importing from Excel

Finale Inventory supports importing sales orders, transfers, purchase orders, product lists, and stock changes from Excel with simple cut and paste. This video shows the simple cut and paste process for importing the initial product list. If you are switching to Finale Inventory from another stock control system, you can export your product list and stock quantities to Excel and then cut and paste them into Finale to get started.

For all these operations, the rows in Excel are the lines of information, the column headers in the first row tell Finale how to match up the columns in Excel with the properties being imported. The video shows how easy the cut and paste process is:

Import into Finale from Excel

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Will Harvey. I’m going to give you a quick demonstration of how to import products from Excel. When I say quick I really mean quick, this is only going to take about 30 seconds. Let’s start absolutely from scratch. I’m going to pull up Excel into the window here, and enter a product list. Finale is going to recognize the fields by the title of the columns. All I need is a product ID, a description, and there are various other things I could add such as, let’s just say, the item price.

There’s a long list of possible columns I could have, but let’s just start for simple. Demo, we’ll just say the product ID is D100, and the description is a yellow table, and the item price is $200. The next item, D101 is a red table, the item price is $300. If this was my product list, or if I had my product list already made, I would start from there then I’d just select the columns like this. Copy, go back into Finale Inventory to import and export. Click that, the first button, to create and update products. And then paste into the blue square here.

So when I paste, it gives me a summary showing that I’m not updating existing products, I’m importing two brand new products for the first time. And down here it’s showing me its interpretation of the spreadsheet that we just cut and pasted. Since I knew what column headers to type with Product ID, Description, and Item Price, it’s matching them.

If I had mistyped them, or if I didn’t know them, it would give me a chance to pick them. But we’ve got it right, so it’s telling me that we’re importing two products. These are the product IDs, D100 and D201. These are the descriptions and these are the item prices.

Looks good, so let’s just click the next button and the Commit button. Next, now the products have just been imported. If I search for them, I’m going to narrow it down to items that include the word table, and you’ll see the two items that we just imported. It also shows another item that happens to have the world table in it, because I’m importing into an account that has some existing items. But there are the two products that we just imported.

Perfect. That’s all we’re going to do in this session.