Making barcode labels more easy to scan and scan more reliability

What is a barcode?

A printed barcode is string of numbers and letters represented as a series of lines on the paper. The barcode scanner reads the barcode by sensing the differences in the pattern of light and dark lines. There are several standards that define the pattern of lines on the barcode.  To improve the efficiency of the warehouse, it is desirable to make barcode labels more easy to scan to avoid unnecessary scans.

Many issues cause the barcode not to be properly scanned

If the spaces between the lines are too small, then the barcode scanner won’t be able read the barcode. Whether a barcode will be able to scan depends on many factors:

  • Quality of the barcode scanning hardware
  • Quality of the barcode printer (blurry lines make scanning harder)
  • Amount of light when scanning (too much or too little)
  • Physical condition of label: dirt or damage
  • How many numbers and letters are in the barcode
  • Standard used for the pattern of lines

Before labeling a large number of items, we recommend testing the labels with the scanner you plan to use under the environmental conditions you will be scanning in (for example, in a dimly lit warehouse or outside on a sunny day).

The Finale Solution – Leveraging “Short Codes” to make barcode labels more easy to scan

To make barcode labels more easy to scan, by default Finale does not print the actual product id, packing, and lot id in the barcode. Instead, the default label templates included with Finale use a “short code” created by the software. A short code is a 12 digit number assigned by the software to each combination of product id, packing, and lot id. The 12 digit number is a valid UPC code (just like you would find on retail products) within the set of number defined for restricted circulation items within a company. This means that the number will not collide with any UPC codes you receive on products from other companies.

The short codes assigned scan reliably because no matter how long the product id and the lot id is, the barcode only has to store 12 digits. Additionally, the UPC standard scans more reliably than the barcode standard (Code-128) used for general information barcodes since it is limited to only include numbers.

barcode labels more easy to scan

Finale short code