Lot Tracking Inventory Management

A lot tracking system records information related to specific product batches or lots. The lot or batch number can be assigned to one or more units that are produced or purchased on the same or various dates and possibly have an expiry date.  A system with lot tracking inventory management capabilities  will remove the complexity of managing lots.

Finale Inventory had lot tracking capability built-in and allows you to easily track inventory by lot or serial number. Lot and serial numbers can be assigned or entered manually when you receive, issue, or manufacture products.

A basic lot tracking system potentially can be performed manually, but it requires significant paperwork, storage, and maintenance to get a good handle on.   As companies grow, it becomes challenging to maintain accurate lot tracking records, and many companies seek a cloud-based inventory management system to provide accurate lot tracking data (and to maintain their sanity).

Click here to learn watch a video about our lot tracking capability within Finale Inventory.