What Is Lot Number Tracking Software?

Modern inventory tracking technology allows businesses to monitor many kinds of information, including lot numbers. Lot numbers refer to groups of products to help you determine an item’s source. Lot ID tracking software like Finale Inventory assists you in managing lot numbers to increase your business’ efficiency. Learn more about lot numbers and how you can use software to organize them.

What Is Lot Tracking Software?

Lot tracking software monitors lot numbers, numbers assigned to batches of products. A variety of industries use lot numbers, but drug, food and beverage companies make the most use out of them. Businesses utilize lot numbers for situations involving:

  • Legal compliance: The government requires specific industries, such as food and pharmaceuticals, to track lot numbers.
  • Certification eligibility: If your industry doesn’t require lot tracking, you may need it to qualify for accreditation that improves your business’s reputation.
  • Product recalls: Lot tracking helps you manage recalls by letting you trace the exact batch of products responsible for the issue.
  • Quality assurance: You can improve your quality assurance process’ efficiency by tracing defective products back to their original lots.

Some businesses use basic methods to manage lot numbers, but lot tracking software has robust features that make the task easier.

Lot ID Tracking Software Features

A lot number tracking program like Finale Inventory has features such as:

  • Lot numbering flexibility: Let the system add an automatic lot number to a batch of items or assign one yourself.
  • Compatibility with serial numbers: Combine your lot number features with serial numbering to track the exact source of a product.
  • Traceability: Monitor your products at every point in your inventory system to ensure quality and efficiency.

Your lot tracking software’s features may vary, but a comprehensive inventory software like Finale Inventory can manage multiple tasks.

Benefits of Lot Tracking Software

Using software with dedicated lot tracking features enhance your business in many ways. The benefits of lot tracking software include:

  • Streamlining your inventory operations: Choose the lot assigning process that works best for your company to improve your inventory operations’ efficiency.
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction: Improved quality assurance and the ability to track products by their lot lets you prevent and manage product defects.
  • Having fast access to information: Within seconds, you can view an item’s lot number, serial number and other critical details.
  • Managing your inventory: Control every step taken as you process a product and monitor its status at any time.

When you count on a lot ID tracking software like Finale Inventory, your business becomes more productive and profitable.

Lot ID Tracking Software From Finale Inventory

As a comprehensive inventory management solution, Finale Inventory includes lot number tracking features. Since it handles all aspects of your inventory, you can adapt it to your company’s needs. Finale Inventory’s lot tracking features integrate with the rest of the software to make your job seamless. Every customer receives support from a representative who tailors the software to their work. As a result, you receive a custom inventory solution. To learn more about Finale Inventory, try our free trial today.