Five key features for fireworks inventory management

fireworks inventory, Five key features for fireworks inventory management

Fireworks inventory software should have these five important features if you are running a fireworks business.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Date shift code – Lot ids or Batch id support
  • Mobile barcode scanner support
  • Integrations with other business software
  • Historical reporting and analysis

Regardless of what you do with fireworks or pyrotechnics, we can help. Companies like Atlas PyroVision Entertainment, Goteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik, GFA Pyro, Great Lakes Fireworks, and Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics rely on Finale Inventory for their inventory management. Below are many of the types of business and companies we support for fireworks inventory management:

  • Fireworks Manufacturing
  • Professional Fireworks Display companies.
  • Fireworks Importer/Distributors
  • Professional Special Effects manufacturer/Distributors
  • Close Proximate fireworks/pyrotechnics Wholesales/Distributors/Users
  • Consumer Fireworks Importer/Distributors
  • Consumer Fireworks Retailers
fireworks inventory, Five key features for fireworks inventory management

Regulatory compliance

First and foremost is Regulatory Compliance. Fireworks are a fun and exciting business and industry to operate in that also come with many important and demanding permits, laws, rules, and regulations from local, State, and Federal agencies. Most fireworks businesses are required to keep strict and accurate records that help to trace products from acquisition to final sale. If you handle professional fireworks in any way, you have mandatory ATF Record and reporting requirements. Records of Acquisition/Disposition are made easy when you use Finale Inventory’s Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. Finale also has a Supplier and Customer database that is customizable by you and tracks Federal licenses information and expiration dates.

If you are an ATF regulated fireworks business, see our letter of determination from the ATF: Even if you do not involved with professional fireworks, you still may have Department of Transportation shipping requirements for creating DOT Hazmat Bills of Lading for moving your fireworks and inventory around on the property, between warehouses, magazines, or bunkers, or delivering to your customers,. It is a necessary task and one that often requires accurate record-keeping and transportation support documentation for U.S. DOT requirements. Finale helps you produce HAZMAT Bills of Lading for your drivers. These documents convey the UN Numbers, EX Numbers, Net Explosive Quantity(NEQ) and Gross Weights for your shipments. Finale Inventory helps businesses meet all of the requirements and keep them in compliance.

fireworks inventory management

Date shift code – Lot Ids or Batch Ids

Secondly, you should be recording Date Shift code and/or Lot IDs/Batches. Finale Inventory supports the tracking of inventory stock levels with Date-Shift codes in multiple warehouses, magazines, bunkers, trailers or storage locations. It will also track your items at the Aisle, Row, Rack, Shelf, Bay, Bin, or tote level. Tracking this information is mandatory for some businesses and very necessary for others. Knowing what batch ids, Lot Ids, or Date Shift codes you have in your inventory will save you time, money, and effort when it comes to recalls, audits, theft mitigation, or quality control issues.

Mobile barcode scanner support

Third, is the use of a barcode scanner solution. Finale Inventory has a mobile barcode scanning application and hardware solution that will work anywhere, anytime, no matter if you are in the bunker or magazine in the middle of the pasture with no network connectivity at all or in your 110-degree fireworks container in your parking lot with no network connectivity! Our scanning application puts almost all of the power of our web-based, cloud inventory system in the palm of your hand. You can Receive shipments, pick and fulfill your outgoing sales orders and shows, transfer inventory between storage locations, take cycle counts and audits, perform stock level adds and removes all with our mobile scanning solution. Using barcodes greatly improves accuracy and efficiency when it comes to tracking your inventory.

Integrations with other software

Next is the ability to Integrate your inventory control system with other business software applications. Business opportunities are worldwide and eCommerce websites have become a must. Finale Inventory will integrate and keep your stock levels up to date and take your orders from your website directly into Finale Inventory for order fulfillment and tracking.

If you are in retail fireworks then you need Point of Sale (POS) software integrations. Fireworks operations have lots of stock issues with tracking stock at your warehouse, stock at your tent, stand or brick and mortar stores. Using an inventory system that can keep track of your stock levels at all locations is super beneficial. Finale Inventory helps solve this with our integrations cloud-based Point of Sales solutions like Square POS, Lightspeed POS, Vend POS, and Shopify POS. Finale will see all your sales and remove stock levels from the retail locations and allow you to transfer stock from the warehouse to replenish the retail locations. Don’t forget to make sure you use an inventory system that can provide information to your financial and accounting software like Quickbooks.

Historical reporting and analysis

Last but not least, historical and detailed reporting and data exports. The fireworks industry has some unique business and operational needs and requirements. Seasonal operations, Tent or Roadside stands, Consignment operations and operators, Importing, Demo nights, multiple price lists, returns, just to name a few. Finale inventory has built-in reports that are all customizable and deliverable in PDF, Excel, and other text file formats.

Purchase reports, Sales Reports, Stock Value reports, Product labels, box labels, shelf labels, are just a few of the reports we can help you with. Don’t forget, we can Print documents like Pick tickets, Pull Sheets, Shipment manifests, Sales orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, receipts, etc. Some of the regulatory supported reports are a Daily Summary of Magazine Transactions (DSMT report), an Acquisition/Disposition records report, an NEQ (Net Equivalent Explosive) Weight report by Magazine, Bunker, Trailer or location, and a U.S. DOT Bill of Lading for fireworks shipments.

fireworks inventory, Five key features for fireworks inventory management

Finale Inventory is a worldwide leader with inventory and warehouse management software for fireworks businesses. Over half of the world’s business trade of fireworks flows through or is managed, tracked, and consumed with Finale Inventory software! No matter what you do with fireworks, we can help you! Did you know several thousand users from mom and pop to Fortune 100 from all over the world use Finale Inventory to run fireworks inventory management operations? Here are a just a few you may recognize: American Fireworks, Atlas PyroVision Entertainment, Fireworks Americal, Firework Crazy, Fireworks Extravaganza, Gateway Fireworks Displays, Goteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik, GFA Pyro, Great Lakes Fireworks, Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics, Illumination Fireworks, Impact Fireworks, J&M Displays, Kellner’s Fireworks, Lantis Productions, Lews Fireworks, Pyro Engineering, Pyrotechnic Display, Ralph Santore & Sons, RES Specialty Pyrotechnics, RKM Fireworks Company, SiroTechnics, Wald & Co., Wayne’s World Fireworks, Wild Dragon Fireworks, and hundreds more.

fireworks inventory, Five key features for fireworks inventory management