Introducing Zoey, a B2B and Wholesale Focused eCommerce Integration


Finale Inventory is pleased to announce a partnership with Zoey Commerce, a B2B and wholesale-focused Commerce web and app solution that makes capturing and processing orders simpler and more efficient. Zoey works with wholesalers, distributors, brands, and more to make B2B Commerce online more functional for them and their buyers.

The Zoey team has worked in online commerce for over a decade, developing and honing a set of capabilities that ensures your team can sell wherever your buyers are.

Zoey’s core solution is composed of three parts:

  • Zoey App: Designed for salespeople to take orders on the go, anytime, anywhere on any device. iOS/iPad now available, with Android in development and coming soon.
  • Zoey Web: Provide a self-service web interface for buyers to place orders, look up information, and track their history without needing to contact Customer Support. Can be either a public-facing website or a private order portal.
  • Zoey Admin: Built for internal teams to take/manage orders and manage other types of data, such as products and customers. The glue that connects all three products.

Zoey’s key feature set includes:

  • Customer Groups: Show different pricing, products, themes, and more to each group, personalizing the experience and making it easier for buyers to order using their own specific pricing.
  • Sales Quotes: Generate draft orders/quotes that can be instantly approved by customers – great for salespeople who need to be more hands-on with a sale.
  • Net Terms: Set up a buy now, pay later scenario that you manage internally or sync with systems like QuickBooks.
  • Accounts Workflow: Have multiple linked buyers with an Admin that can approve orders or set criteria where orders can be automatically approved (such as order size).
  • Staff Accounts: Give other users access to Zoey Admin, and you can restrict their access to the data or areas of the Admin they should be allowed access to. Granular control for staff, just like buyers on the front-end.

Like Finale, Zoey also works in lockstep with ShipStation, allowing for all three solutions to work together to handle their part of the Commerce process.

Robust support is included in a Zoey subscription, including a hands-on onboarding process that helps new Zoey subscribers get set up and transacting quickly. Post-launch support is designed to help bubble up answers quickly to ensure businesses can keep moving.

Customers regularly rank Zoey highly around support in third-party surveys, including Zoey being named a Champion in SoftwareReviews’ 2020 eCommerce Emotional Footprint rankings.

Zoey offers a first-party set of integrations to other systems, including QuickBooks, NetSuite and Salesforce, to ensure all your business systems can speak together, and we offer a robust set of APIs that can allow communication with other systems.

Zoey’s Success Team welcomes conversations with any business looking to improve their processes on how Zoey can help a business. Simply click the link to request more information.