Stock Control Software: The scalable inventory management solution

Stock control software is the difference between:

  • Losing thousands of dollars of product and not knowing where it went VS. tracking down the loss and terminating the employee or vendor responsible.
  • Not ordering enough of a product and having to turn away customers who want to give you their money VS. having enough of everything to sell, but not so much that you’ve overspent, either.
  • Doing your inventories painfully by hand with a calculator VS. having a swift-crunching computer do the painful calculations for you and spit out a report within moments that ells you what conclusions you should be able to draw fro this latest inventory.

Stock control software forms one critical unit of an overall stock control system that combines that software with basic hardware (like wireless barcode readers) and trained personnel to make taking inventory a snap. Not just that, but with non-inventory-time solutions like the ability to print off a barcode for each new asset as it comes in, stock control software blurs the boundaries between inventory management and asset management.

With your stock control software in place, you have access to real-time reporting on what you have where, as well as on which items are moving and which are not. This can help you not only make changes to future ordering to make sure that you can meet demand, but it can also help you establish which of your items are the most profitable (and thus which to promote when it comes time to put on a sale.)

Stock control software might seem like an unnecessary expense when you’re selling 10 or even 50 items a day — but if you plan to see your business grow, you have to be ready to upscale. FinaleInventory can help you do that with our inventory management suite. By implementing such a system early on, you’re ensuring that your processes remain efficient, transparent, and easy to track as demand and thus overall scale increases.

As a business grows, the ‘cushion’ between success and out-of-business grows, but so does the balancing act between stock levels and cashflow. With stock control software on your side, you can keep things running smoothly and in the black much more easily no matter how large you grow.