Print barcode labels for shipment

Many products purchased from your vendors frequently do not come barcoded on the product or packaging.  Our flexible and adaptable barcode label capability can be configured to print barcode labels for shipment.  The barcode labels can be customized in terms of label size and product fields you want printed on the label.
Print barcode labels for shipment


See the video below for instruction:

Print barcode labels for shipment

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Video Transcription

Hello, this is Mike Kroeger, Finale Inventory. In this quick video about barcode labels we’re gonna cover the topic of, how do you get the print barcode labels for shipment for your items before you receive them into inventory?

So you’re always wondering, you know, does it have to be in stock to get a label? Well, not necessarily. So there’s a way to do that and we’re gonna cover that real quickly. So I’m gonna flip over here to my Finale Inventory demo account here. And I’m gonna show you…let’s go to a purchase order. So today, let’s just imagine that we ordered this. On this purchase order, we got some zebra labels. They come in a roll 2 by 4-inch labels like we use for our labels. So I’m gonna turn on my screen here so you can kind of see this. So imagine you’re receiving this roll of labels here and there’s no label on it. So how would you use your barcode scanner to receive something that doesn’t have a label?  This is where the ability to print print barcode labels for shipment comes in handy.

So how do you get this label and print barcode labels for shipment? So from the purchase order is where you should start. So we’re gonna look at this purchase order here. You would go and see that we’re gonna get three items on it, and so I would go to the shipment tab. So once you go to the shipment tab, use this feature. So notice that you’re in an editable shipment right here. And what I’m gonna do is use this “update shipment” to match the order. So what that does is populate the order with a shipment quantity that we anticipate we’re gonna receive. It doesn’t mean we actually receive it, but that’s what we anticipate. So then I want you to hit the “Save Now” button. So now you have an editable shipment, so notice the status is still editable.

We haven’t received it yet. You won’t receive it until you actually press this green button here. But now that we have an editable shipment that we’re telling the system, “Hey, we might be getting in three of these,” you can now use the action menu and say “Print Receiving Labels”. Now, what this does is Finale goes off and prints our default receiving label template, which is based on a 2 by 4-inch label. So here we go, we got three. We ordered three of these labels, and we got three of the two by four labels printed out. So what I would ordinarily do is go ahead and just print that either to my label printer or just print it to paper and I could scan these guys in. So I really just need one, but I’m gonna get one for each one.

So if I actually printed this piece of paper off, let’s say I just printed it to paper, so I’ve got them on a piece of paper that I can use to receive them with a barcode scanner. So let’s go back to the barcode scanner. So that’s how you get labels before you actually receive it. We haven’t actually received it here. So I’m gonna go back to my purchases and just go back to the purchase order just to show you that here we are, we haven’t received anything. If I look at my purchase order, it still doesn’t show that I received anything. So let’s go to my barcode scanner. So I’m gonna go to barcode scanning. Kinda connect to it. We’re gonna connect and sync down everything.

So if I sync down all the orders, I should now have that  order on my scanner. Let’s bring out my scanner so I can give you guys a look at that. So here on my scanner, what I would do is use my scanner to go receive this purchase order. So I’m actually going to hit receive, and then I’m gonna scan the purchase order. So I’ve actually got a printout of the purchase order with a barcode at the top, which represents the actual purchase order number. So then it’s gonna ask me, “Where do I wanna receive these into?” Well, I’m just gonna use this bin that’s right here in front of me. So I’ll just scan that bin. And it says, “Hey, scan the item received.” Well, I’ve got my label, so I printed them off to my piece of paper here.

So I could just scan a label three times, or I could turn on the quantity area. So if I wanted to scan one label, I could scan that and it says, “Hey, you got one of three.” But if I wanted to just type in the quantity, I could add the other two by turning on the quantity field. Remember, you can just use the up arrow and then you can scan the barcode, and then you can tell it, “Hey, I’ve received in another two.” So I’d use the orange key, and then I’d find the number two key on my keypad and type in a two, and then I’d hit Enter.

So now I’ve received in a total of three using my barcode scanner with a label that I printed out from the received shipment on the purchase order. So now that we’ve got these received, we can go ahead and go to the menu, exit the main menu, and we can sync this scanner with the computer and the cloud. So we’ll go back over here, we’re gonna go ahead and there’s our receive shipment. I sync it up to the cloud and you will see that after I get “done syncing” here. If I would just go look at the  order, we now have a received shipment on that item. And there they are.  This conclude our tutorial video how to print barcode labels for shipment.