A Product Thumbnail is worth a thousand words

We are happy to announce that product thumbnails are available for use.  Nothing conveys the description of a product as much as a picture, and we made it easy to quickly add pictures of your products.

The full product thumbnail exists in the product details section, but thumbnails are also available upon mouse rollover on the

  • ‘View Product’ screen
  • ‘View Stock’  screen
  • Purchase Order screen
  • Sales Order screen

The capability is only visible by default on the ‘View Product’ Screen, but you can easily turn on this capability from clicking on the “Customer This Screen” link under the Action Menu.

Whether if you want to add the images in bulk or one by one, we have made each process easy.

  • Bulk – You can quickly add the pictures in bulk by importing the image URLs .  This is especially handy if you can quickly the images urls from your shopping cart software or marketplace.  Check out this instructional video how to learn how to perform this operation.
  • Adding Single Thumbnails – If you prefer, you can add the image by clicking on the “Change Image” link from the product details page.   You have a wide ranges of image sources including your hard drive, Google Drive, and Box.

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