Approved supplier lists for purchasing

Approved supplier lists help the purchasing process go smoothly by ensuring you are ordering the right products from the right suppliers.  Finale now can track suppliers for each product in the system, including pricing specific to each supplier.  Combined with Finale’s reorder and replenishment capabilities, Finale is now a powerful tool for making the purchasing process run smoothly.

Each product in Finale can have multiple suppliers listed as approved.  With each supplier, there can be a supplier specific price, product identifier, lead time, and comments.  This makes it easier to generate a purchase order for a supplier, since products added to the purchase will automatically come up with the correct information for the supplier.  The supplier information is integrated with Finale’s import, export, and reporting systems, making it easy to add and manage supplier information on even tens of thousands of products.

Once supplier lists have been configured, Finale’s reorder feature makes generating a purchase order a simple three step process:

  • Select the location to reorder for
  • Select the supplier to reorder from
  • Click a button to create a purchase order

The purchase order will automatically be created with the items at the selected location whose current quantities are below their reorder point and that are purchased from the selected supplier.  The purchase order will have the correct pricing form the supplier list, and be ready to issue.

Our documentation website includes additional information on supplier lists and the purchasing process.

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