Auto updating of AmeriCommerce Inventory Now Available

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Based on your feedback, we continue to be heads down and focused on adding as many integration as possible.   We have already added several 3rd party integrations over the past couple months.   Our engineering team has been on fire lately, and they are excited to announce another one.

You can now leverage Finale Inventory to auto update stock levels back to your AmeriCommerce (or Spark Play) store.   Finale Inventory brings best in class Inventory and Order Management to online sellers using the AmeriCommerce platform.  The AmeriCommerce inventory management add-on by Finale automatically updates inventory and stock levels for your AmeriCommerce store, helping you eliminate double selling by avoiding stock outs.

Streamlined integrations with ShipStation and your online channels mean that when you make a sale on AmeriCommerce, inventory is automatically adjusted in Finale. If you’re also selling on Amazon or your BigCommerce store then your inventory will automatically be adjusted there, too. Conversely, when you make a sale on Amazon, inventory is automatically adjusted in BigCommerce and AmeriCommerce.

Appeasing unhappy customer from overselling will be a thing of the past as Finale is automatically tracking sales transaction, keeping track of your inventory stock and then syncing updated stock counts to each selling channel every 5 minutes.

Please click here to learn about our AmeriCommerce inventory management solution.

About AmeriCommerce
Ed Sturrock, Stefan Barlow and Charlie Cooper established AmeriCommerce in 2005. Whether you are looking to open one ecommerce outlet or multiple, the company has the tools to get your started selling your goods. Famous clients include huge companies such as Kellogg’s, USA Hockey and World Series of Poker. The company powers thousand of retailers.

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