Automated Stock Update to Magento and Amazon now LIVE

We’re excited to announce Finale now has the capability to auto update stock levels back to Magento and Amazon.  With auto stock updates, Finale closes the loop on stock levels and allows you to say goodbye to manual updating.  Save countless hours a week by eliminating the need to manually update stock levels back to Magento and Amazon on a periodic basis.

When a sale is made on any marketplace connected to ShipStation, Finale will then automatically update inventory levels across both your Magento-powered store and the Amazon marketplace. We track product levels 24/7, and sync across Amazon and Magento every 15 minutes.

, Automated Stock Update to Magento and Amazon now LIVE

Amazon and Magento Auto Sync

Running out of stock from overselling can be detrimental to your business. In addition to lost sales, overselling create unhappy customers, negative feedback, and lower rankings. Worse, online marketplaces like Amazon will eventually disallow you from selling on their site altogether if overselling becomes problematic.

Even challenging scenarios such as selling kits and bundles are easily handled with Finale.  When both the child product and a bundle containing the child product kit are both sold on the same marketplace, Finale will make the proper adjustments and will update the stock levels for both the child components and the kit listing.

We will be adding more marketplaces over the coming weeks so please check back often.

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