Automated stock updates to WooCommerce now available

, Automated stock updates to WooCommerce now available

Our software development team has been working in overdrive to continue adding integrations. We’re excited to announce Finale now has the capability to auto update stock levels back to your WooCommerce store.

When a sale is made on any marketplace connected to ShipStation, Finale will then automatically update inventory stock levels across your WooCommerce and Magento web stores in addition to the Amazon marketplace.  We track product levels 24/7, and sync across each channel every 15 minutes.

How does it work?

Let say you have 8 pairs on jeans listed for sale on your WooCommerce store, Magento store, and in the Amazon marketplace.  When someone places an order for 2 pairs of jeans on Amazon, Finale will sync the order down from ShipStation and then update the stock level to 6 pair of jeans to your each channels – WooCommerce, Magento, and Amazon – to prevent from you from overselling the jeans.



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