Available Kits or Bundles For Sale

We recently introduced new stock values enabling you to quickly understand how many kits or bundles can be assembled, manufactured, or sold based on the availability of the component stock.

For illustration, we have a created a ‘Special Value’ shampoo and conditioner kit with a BOM (bill of material) of 2 bottles of shampoo and 2 bottles of conditioner.

In the warehouse, there are 50 bottles of conditioners, but only ten bottles of shampoo on the shelves.  As a result, the shampoo is the constraining factor for the number of the kits that can be sold.   With the only ten bottles of shampoo available, only five special value kits can be sold and is displayed in the “Available + BOM Unit” field (highlight below).

Available Kits or Bundles For Sale

These new stock fields are available on the ‘View Stock Screen’, ‘Purchase Order Details Screen’, and ‘Sales Order Details Page’.  This field is turned OFF by default.  To make this field visible, please select “Customize this screen” from the action menu drop-down menu and turn on the visibility of the ‘Available + BOM units’ by clicking on the check box.

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