Barcodes and inventory reports – January development round-up

This is a quick update on the software features release during the past month.   The main development focus was on the new barcode features (detailed in the blog post announcing the barcode feature), and continued work improving the reporting capabilities (expect more blog posts and documentation on the major reporting enhancements in the next week).

Outside of the major feature areas, there has been a steady stream of minor features and bug fixes:

  • Stock history reports can now be generated for a particular product, both using a filter on the reporting page and with link from the product detail page.  This makes tracking down inventory discrepancies on particular products much easier (quote from one user after the first time they used the new report: “I LOVE IT. IT IS AWESOME”).
  • The full text search box now searches the product’s category name and any user defined fields on the product.  This enables user defined fields to handle many specific company requirements for organizing their product list for quick retrieval when entering sales, looking for stock, or tracking inventory.
  • Orders and shipment manifests can now be customized to display and total the item cost of the contents of the order.  Critical for accounting workflows at some customers.
  • The batch stock transfer screen has a couple bug fixes: the filters now are preserved for each transfer (formerly they were presereved for all filters) and they now default showing all products with quantity on hand at the origin or shipment quantity greater than zero.  Before these bugs were fixed the screen often appeared in a confusing state due to filters hiding some products in the shipment.
  • Fixed a couple bugs relating to fields and buttons on shipment being enabled despite the order not being editable (once it has been received, packed, or shipped).  These fields and buttons now disable correctly.
  • Continued to make the software more customizable for to match customer workflows in a wide variety industries.  There are now options to hide the ATF and hazardous materials transportation fields on the supplier detail screen, customer detail screen, and company information screen in application settings.  These options are in the application settings screen, screens sub-tab.  There are now also options to set the default format for lot identifiers and quantities.  Lot identifiers can default to be a manufacture date + text, an expiration date + text, or simply an unformatted text block.  Quantities can default to open stock or case stock.  These options are in the applications, product sub-tab.

In February we expect to wrap a major release of the new reporting features, add a first version of label printing with barcodes, and continue to mix in minor features and bug fixes.


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