Barcode batch picking now available for barcode scanner software

We are pleased to announce two batch order picking operations for our integrated wireless barcode scanner solution.  Designed for high volume e-commerce customers, the two new barcode batch picking operations, wave picking and pick and pack, will significantly order picking productivity and improve picking accuracy.

Both batch picking operations allow for order picking to be done in batches.  By combining orders into a single batch, the time spent walking through the warehouse is greatly decreased.  Walking throughout the warehouse to find and pick the products can easily account for the vast majority of the order picking hours.   You can quickly estimate the time savings when twenty orders can be you at once as opposed to picking the twenty orders one by one.

Additionally, the integrated barcode scanner will provide an extra layer of security to improve picking accurately.   Even though the packer’s attention is focused on a single order, there is likely nothing in the process that helps to ensure that the items are being picked correctly, or that the shipment is processed correctly.    With the scanner, the packer will get an audio and visual confirmation when the correct product is scanned and will prompted for the next item until all the items have been packed.

More information on the batch picking processes and which one is best for your fulfillment operations can be found here.

Need more information on which batch picking process (wave picking or pick and pack) is right for you?  Please email us at [email protected]; we would be happy to assist.

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