BigCommerce Inventory Management Up and Running

We are at it again, and we are excited to announce Finale Inventory now has the capability to auto update stock levels back to your BigCommerce store.   Finale Inventory brings best in class Inventory and Order Management to online sellers using the BigCommerce platform.

, BigCommerce Inventory Management Up and Running

The BigCommerce inventory management add-on by Finale automatically updates inventory and stock levels for your BigCommerce store, helping you eliminate double selling stock outs and frustrating customers.

Streamlined integrations with ShipStation and your online channels means that when you make a sale on BigCommerce, inventory is automatically adjusted in Finale. If you’re also selling on Amazon then your inventory will automatically be adjusted there, too. Conversely, when you make a sale on Amazon, inventory is automatically adjusted in Finale and BigCommerce.  Overselling will be a thing of the past as Finale tracks inventory stock levels 24/7, and sync across each channel every 15 minutes.

Finale Inventory provides several different inventory levels to help you monitor what’s you have on your shelf,  what’s allocated to orders and how much you have left available to sell (on-hand levels minus allocated orders).

Please click here to learn about our BigCommerce inventory management solution.


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