Bill of Lading Customization and Editing

Companies have various requirements for how the Bill of Lading is prepared for a shipment, and Finale can now automatically generate the Bill of Lading for many more variations and situations.

The first major change is that the individual lines displaying the content of the shipment are now editable directly within user interface.  The Edit Bill of Lading action on any shipment associated with a transfer or a sale opens a screen to perform the editing.  Specific operations include deleting a line that was automatically generated for items that are not in their own package (for example igniters which are included in packages with other product), and duplicating a line to split apart the description of the product packed in cases versus product shipped as individual set pieces.

The second major change is that the template for the Bill of Lading is completely customizable for each company.  In particular, companies can remove or modify the commercial terms boilerplate on the standard template as necessary for how they ship product.  Customization is performed in Application Settings, Documents tab, Bill of Lading sub-tab, and using a subset of HTML & CSS described in the page template documentation.   As always, we are happy to provide assistance customizing the document template to your requirements.

There have been several other minor changes and bug fixes in the Bill of Lading area in the past several weeks:

  • Allow editing shipment header information (such as carrier and shipment origin) after a shipment is packed.
  • Sort lines in the Bill of Lading by hazard class.  Previously they were sorted by UN number which was incorrect in some situations.
  • Print net explosive mass and weight with up to 6 decimal places if they are very small.   Previously numbers less than 0.5 were rounding to zero which was incorrect for a hazardous material.
  • Remove totals for quantity and net explosive mass since they are not required for compliance
  • Remove the text “for technical purposes” from the proper shipping name for the articles pyrotechnics UN numbers


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