Bug fixes and enhancements – February / March development round-up

Since the end of January the main development focus has continued to be improvements to report, document, and label printing.  Some of these new features have been covered in the blog posts last week on the Bill of Lading changes, but those just touch the surface of the new capabilities.  My hope is to document and blog about the report, document, and label changes in the coming weeks.

Mixed in with the major feature work, we’ve continued to fix bugs and make minor enhancements.  These are the bug fixes and minor enhancements shipped during the past six weeks:

  • Fixed a bug where double clicking on the sale list screen to view details for a sale would sometimes change a product on the sale being opened to change.  The product that would sometimes change was on the line directly beneath the mouse pointer at the time of the double click.
  • Enhanced the sale shipments screen to allow editing shipment header information (carrier, tracking number, estimated ship date, and shipment origin) after the shipment has been packed.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the list of customers on the sale screen or suppliers on the purchase screen would appear empty.
  • Fixed a bug when importing products or stock when no column was labeled as the “Product ID” column.
  • Enhanced the import preview screens to highlight cell in red if the product id or magazine is not valid.
  • Fixed a bug where the window flickered when closing a dialog in Google Chrome.
  • Fixed a bug on scan session screen that occasionally when scanning multiple new scan keys some of the scan key to product id mappings would not be saved.
  • Enhanced the scan session screen to allow creating a batch stock change from the scan session.
  • Enhanced the scan session screen to allow creating a stock take from the scan session.

I’ve also added some internal tools to monitor application performance in response to reports from companies with large numbers of orders and shipments that the user interface is slowing down.  I believe that I understand what is causing this and have a project in the queue to fix this.

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