Cloud inventory management reporting

We’ve reorganized the reporting screens in Finale and extended the set of customizable reports to include all quantity on hand and stock availability information. This has been one of the most frequently requested features since the old reports did not include information on stock reserved for sales and were not customizable.  The powerful reports capability provide immediate answers to questions such as:

  • What is the cost basis and valuation at list price for my inventory at each location?
  • Given a specific serial number or lot identifier, what is the complete stock history for the item?
  • How much do we have in stock for each category of item, and how many are not already promised to customers?

The reporting module is a critical element of any business application. Reporting in a the context of a cloud inventory management system is especially challenging since many common business reporting solutions from the desktop software era are unsuited to work in a cloud environment. The Finale team has invested in creating a high performance reporting engine designed from the ground up to solve the cloud inventory management reporting problem.

The new reports included with Finale are:

  • Stock by location & product, in units (with or without details)
  • Stock by location & product, in cases (with or without details)
  • Stock by magazine & product, in units (with or without details)
  • Stock by magazine, category & product, in units
  • Search stock by product or lot

Each report includes information on stock on hand, cost basis, and valuation at list selling price. The location reports also include information on stock reserved for sales and the current stock available to promise. The reports are available with quantities expressed as a count of open stock units or converted to the equivalent number of cases. When printed with details, the reports include information on the exact serial number or lot identifiers in stock for each product. These reports can be printed to PDF or exported to Excel, can be customized to include (or be grouped or filtered) by any combination of fields from the product records.

The following video shows the new reports in action:

These new stock reports complement the existing stock history reports that show a record of every single transaction contributing the current stock level of each product.  The stock history reports provide an essential capability of a cloud inventory management system: providing a complete journal showing exactly how the current stock levels for the company were arrived at. Just as you would never trust your financials to an accounting system that kept a running balance without a record of payments and receipts, you should not trust your operations to an inventory system that can’t produce a report of the full set of stock transactions.  Finale provides the meticulous record keeping and complete reporting necessary to operate your business efficiently.

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