Drop-Down menus available for Custom Fields

Due to high customer demand, we have implemented additional data types to improve the customization options with Finale   In addition to text fields, drop-down menus, and data types have been added.  The additional data types can be used for custom fields within the product, purchase orders, sale orders, suppliers, and customers.

The instructions listed below describe how to quickly add a drop-down menu item:

1.  Goto Applications Settings and select the appropriate tab you want to add the custom field.   In this illustration, we would click on the “Selling” tab to add the “Salesperson” custom field for the sales orders.

2.  Enter “Salesperson” and select the “Pick list” for the drop-down menu selection.

Please note that there different display sizes, 2x wide, 3x wide, and 4x wide.  When these are select, the width of the custom field is wider than the default field size.

3.  Select the blue “edit” link and enter the menu items in the multi-line text area field, one choice per line.

 customization options with Finale This article is cornerstone content

For customers, product, and suppliers, you can bulk import to populate the menu items. When importing, the data for the custom field must match a value in the pick list.  Please note the data is case-sensitive.  If it does not match, then the cell is displays as red in the preview and will imports as blank text.

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