Excel import for order management

With the Excel import for order management capability, Finale has always made it easy to start with business data in Excel (or another spreadsheet program) and import it into the system.  We recognize that business process often start with an ad hoc workflow, and only later do the results of that workflow make it into the inventory and order management software.

We’ve extended and improved the import capabilities in several ways this past week:

  • For product data import, user defined price levels, per location reorder points, and custom fields are now all available for import.  These fields are also all now available for export to Excel and to reports, which makes it easier to synchronize product item data from Finale to other systems.
  • All import screens have improved error reporting.  Most notably rows that will be ignored due to invalid required data will be highlighted in their entirety in red (formerly they were marked with a strikethrough which was too subtle to see).
  • All screens now have an import command available from the actions menu in the upper right, including: purchase orders, purchase shipments, batch stock transfers, quotes, sales orders, sale shipments, invoices, and sale returns.  All fields can be imported including product id, item note, quantity, price, and lot identifier.


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