Finale Inventory ranked high for ease of use and customer service

Feedback from our customers has allowed Finale to be named as a top-reviewed vendor from Capterra, a leading review platform that helps businesses find the right software for their company.

When talking to prospective customers, we always get asked two important questions.

“How easy is it to use?”

“How is the customer service? How do I get support if I have issues?”

I presume every inventory management company answers positively to both questions so it’s difficult for customers to differentiate the various inventory management companies on these two important aspects.

Capterra created this easy to understand grid comparing average ease of use and customer service ratings, and we’re proud to be positioned in the top right quadrant.  So you do not have to take our word for it, you can now see for yourselves.

More information on the methodologies can be found on Capterra.


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