Flexible label formatting and printing

Robust inventory tracking systems make it easy for employees to rapidly identify stock.  For companies with thousands of distinct products no employee will know every product at a glance. Vendors apply inconsistent markings and labels that make it impossible to depend on packaging alone to identify products.   Finale includes a flexible labeling system that lets you make sure all stock in your facility is clearly marked with the information you need to track.  If you are using barcodes, Finale automatically generates a barcode on the label printed for each item received.

Finale’s labeling functionality builds on the reporting system included in the product.  Each label template required for the business is simply a report that gathers the correct information for the labels and a page template that arranges the information on the label.  Once defined, each label template can be used as necessary to print new labels as shipments arrive and leave.

The software includes a pair of default label templates to use as a starting point for customizing the exact labels required by the business.  The default label templates can be found in the saved reports screen of the software.  These templates can be directly customized or can be duplicated as many times as necessary for different business needs.

The first included template is for labeling stock in a purchase shipment as it is received.  This template includes a barcode containing the product, lot, and packing information for each product. It is printed with one label per 1″ by 4″ page, which is suitable for printing to a label printer (such as those manufactured by Dymo, Wasp, or Zebra).  The template automatically prints one copy of each label per case of product received (based on the expected quantities from the purchase order).  View example purchase shipment labels here.

The second included template is for labeling cartons in an outgoing sale shipment.  This template includes information about the customer and the order so that shipment stays together in the warehouse after it is packed and before it is shipped.  It is printed with 10 labels per page formatted compatible with Avery 5163 label stock.  Since the system doesn’t generally know how many cases are required for a shipment, it automatically prompts the user to enter the number of labels to print.  View example sale shipment labels here.

Customizing the format of these labels, for example to use one of the other ten supported Avery templates or to include different information on the label, simply requires updating the page template from within the Finale web user interface.  Our documentation website includes complete information on customizing page templates for labels

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