Have Finale automatically create products from an integration

We are happy to announce that Finale now has the ability to automatically create products directly from an integration.

When Finale is configured to sync the product for an integration, Finale will create the product id and append the products description, item price, category, image URL, UPC field (if applicable), and ASIN (if applicable) fields.  In addition, Finale will automatically create the product lookup.

When the integration is set to “Automatic” mode, Finale will automatically create new products in Finale as the new skus are created on the  integration.

Finale has the ability to create products following from one of the following integrations:

We will also be adding the ability to sync products from LightSpeed and Walmart in the coming weeks and will continue to add integrations throughout 2019.

To add products from an integration, please enter the “View Products” section. You shown one of two screens depending on your account state.

New customers

Existing customers

If you have questions with importing products, please contact us at [email protected]
We’re happy to help.

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