Improvement to how Finale handles duplicate orders

Recent change were implemented to improve our ecommerce inventory management solution as many customers where obtaining different sales transactions with the same order number.   The two main primarily reasons for the duplicate order numbers are listed below.

a)  It is uncommon to see same order number being created with orders placed on the eBay and Amazon marketplaces.  However, if you are operating multiple online stores using the same shopping cart program (e.g. BigCommerce), it is quite common for the shopping carts to generate the same orders number especially if the shopping cart software was not configured correctly.

b) When an item within an order is currently on backorder, many companies split the shipment in ShipStation to be able to shipped the in-stock items in a shipment and to ship a subsequent shipment at a later date when the backordered item arrives.  When this occurs, it is quite common for the two shipments to have the same order number.

With the new change, subsequent orders with the same order number will be be appended with a letter to make each order number unique within Finale.  The second order with an existing order number would be an appended with the letter “A”.   The third order with the same order number would be an appended with the letter “B” and so forth.

Duplicates Orders

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