Improvements to Sale and Purchase Order list screens

The Sales and Purchase Order list screens have been improved with additional functionality and usability.  Among the highlights include:

  • Viewing Presets  We added the ability to create viewing presets to allow you to store different views of the Sale or Purchase Order list screens.   The Purchases screen is loaded with two standard presets, ‘Summary’ and ‘Shipments’ present, but additional custom presets can be quickly added.  New presets can be classified as a “Shared Screen” preset (available to all users) or “User Screen” preset (only available for the user who created the preset).

  • Additional Fields Available to Display  In an effort to make the screens more useful, we significantly added the number of fields available for display on the purchase order and sales screen.  Additionally, user created custom fields are also available to be displayed.

Adding Additional Columns

  • More Filters   We added more filters to make it quicker to find a specific purchase order or sales order.   We will be continuing to add additional filters in the coming weeks.


  •  Improved Usability   Basic editing such as moving data columns or resizing columns can easily accomplished using only the mouse.

Check this video to see the improvements made to the purchase order and sales list screens.


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