Jet multichannel integration now available

Since launching in late July, 2015, jet has become a major player in the eCommerce space. Jet has been gaining popularity and momentum ever since. Just a year after launching, surpassed 4,000,000 customers and a strategic acquisition shortly followed.  Walmart bought the innovative marketplace rough a year later, and jet has maintained a distinct marketplace to provide a unique and differentiated customer experience with curated assortment.  The jet multichannel integration is an ideal solution for selling offering their product on multiple marketplaces.

jet multichannel

To grow their product offering, jet has continued to increase the number of third-party retailers selling on the platform.   To support our multi-channel eCommerce sellers, Finale is excited to announce our integration with jet.  The jet inventory management solution keeps accurate stock counts and improves your operations by (1) updating the selling channels to prevent overselling and (2) providing notifications when certain products are running low and need to get reordered.

More information on the jet inventory management integration can be found here.

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