LightSpeed Retail POS Inventory Integration

We are excited to account our newest POS integration, LightSpeed Retail POS.  With the LightSpeed Retail POS inventory integration, Finale makes it easy for multichannel sellers to keep track of their inventory stock from a central location.

LightSpeed Retail POS Inventory

Having a firm grasp of inventory becomes increasingly more challenging with each additional selling channel. When Lightspeed Retail POS and Finale are used in conjunction, Finale makes it simple to track inventory across your online and offline sales channels.

Upon a point of sale transaction, Finale will keep track of the inventory and can be configured to update eBay, Walmart, and other other selling channels to prevent overselling.  Stock quantities on marketplaces and shopping carts are updated within five minutes of a LightSpeed POS transaction.

With multiple location support, Finale allows for inventory to be tracked as shared inventory or separate inventory for your online and offline channels.

More information on the LightSpeed inventory management solution can be here.

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