Major Improvements to Reorder Functionality

Based on customer feedback, we recently implemented several major improvements to the reordering feature.   Running out of stock to a surefire way to lose sales.  There is nothing more frustrating than turning away a potential paying customer due to an out of stock product.

The Finale reordering process is quicker and easier than ever.  Taking hours or even days to create multiple purchase orders is now a remnant of the past.  With Finale, you can create purchase orders with the correct products and order quantities is completed with a couple mouse clicks, and the entire process only takes a few minutes.

, Major Improvements to Reorder Functionality

Below are the list of the major enhancements:

?  Ability to Reorder in Cases Quantities

Companies using our case packing features frequently want to create purchase order in case quantities. By default Finale’s reordering feature create purchase orders measured in units.  We have improved the reordering capability to allow you to set the order quantities to cases.  Now, you able set the thresholds in units, but automatically set the replenishment threshold in the standard case packing quantities.

First, make sure you turn on the “Create purchase orders using full cases when reordering” option in application settings on the product sub-tab to create purchase orders that use case quantities.  When activated, this option converts the final calculated quantity to order into an equivalent number of cases using the standard packing, rounding up to a full case, at the time a purchase order is created on the reordering screen.  For example, if the option is activated, the quantity to order is 19, and the standard packing for the product is 12/1, then the purchase order will be create with a quantity of 2 and a packing of 12/1.

?  Improvements to Min/Max Replenishment

We recently added a Max stock level replenishment parameters to facilitate reordering.  This replenishment method keeps the projected stock of each product between a minimum stock level and maximum stock level.   As long as the projected stock lies above the reorder point – a predefined stock level between the minimum stock level and the maximum stock level – the raw net demand is zero. If the projected stock lies under the reorder point, the replenishment service is to fill up the projected stock up to the target stock (which can also lie under the maximum stock level). The primary reorder parameters for each products as follows:

  • Std reorder point  – When the inventory reaches this low boundary (Min) an order to renew the inventory to its Max level is placed.
  • Std reorder point max – When a given amount of time has passed since the previous supply, an order to renew the inventory to its max level is placed.
  • Std reorder in qty of – Quite often, products cannot be ordered in individual units, but in a standard packing quantity.  For products that can be ordered in units, this parameter would be set to 1. If you were ordering in cases which consist of 12 cans of soda, then the parameter would be set to 12.
, Major Improvements to Reorder Functionality

Mix Mix Replenishment Paramters

?  Improvements to Locations and Suppliers Listings 

We modified the locations and suppliers listing menu to only show locations and suppliers that have products recommend to be reordered (as opposed to listing every location and every supplier).  This improvement is priceless for customers who use the reorder feature and have several sublocations and/or dozens of suppliers.

, Major Improvements to Reorder Functionality

?  More Information on the Main Reorder Screen

More useful information has been added presented on the main screen to enable you to quickly get a summary of the products that need to be ordered.  No additional mouse clicking is required.

, Major Improvements to Reorder Functionality
More documentation on the reorder feature can be found here. 

A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone to contacted us with their suggestions!  We really appreciate it! Please continue sending your feedback and suggestions to [email protected]

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