New and Improved Finale ShipStation User Interface

We are excited to announce a new makeover for our ShipStation inventory management solution. The core functionality remains the same, but the new user interface has been designed to be to more intuitive and easy to understand.

Among the improvements include:

1) Migration to new ShipStation API 

ShipStation recently launch a set of APIs (the infrastrcuture that allows ShipStation to connect to Finale) and will be phasing out their legacy APIs in late August.  One bonus is all ShipStation plans (starting with the $25/mo. Bronze plan) can be used to connect to Finale.

2) Faster and more responsive integration

The engineering team did extensive architectural work to make the sync process of orders faster, more responsive.  It may not be apparent what was done under the hood, but we are confident you will notice the difference.

3) Quick comprehension of sync status

We made it easy for you to quickly see the sync status by giving a quick summary of the sync status and the last time Finale synced with ShipStation.

A green “OK” icon indicates all the orders properly synced down.
, New and Improved Finale ShipStation User Interface

A yellow “Warn” icon indicates there were issues syncing some of the orders down.  Addressing issues (typically missing product look-ups) can be quickly resolved by clicking on the blue link.

 , New and Improved Finale ShipStation User Interface

4. Auto sync order status or shipment to ShipStation  

For customers who use this advanced feature, you now have the ability to auto sync order status back to ShipStation.  Having to frequently press the green “X items to sync to ShipStation” button is now a distant memory.

, New and Improved Finale ShipStation User Interface

The manual update will continue to available if you prefer to manually sync the order status and shipment information to ShipStation.

5.  Improved handing of product look modifications

If you modify the product look-up of a Finale product, Finale will automatically go back to the impacted orders involving the product id and make the proper adjustments.

6.  Improved activity log capability

Quickly review and check the details on any order status with our new activity log. The activity log can be accessed from the ‘view status’ log under the Actions menu.

, New and Improved Finale ShipStation User Interface

More information on the Shipstation inventory management solution can be found be here.

Please let us know if you have any feedback and/or run into any issues.
We’re happy to help.

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