New “Stock Details” feature on barcode scanner software v10608

We had a new barcode scanner feature called “Stock details”, which you can access from the “Check item” menu after scanning an item.  After you scan an item’s barcode or type in its product ID into the check item box, then if you want to see all stock information of all lot IDs and all sublocations for that product ID (i.e., the product ID you typed explicitly or the product ID implied by the barcode that you scanned), then press the menu button from within the check item function, and select item 4, “Stock details”.  You’ll get to see all information on that product ID.

Another new feature is the ability to pick a key on your keyboard to serve as a “hot key” to skip items in the picking list.  The default key for skipping is the TAB key, at bottom, left side of the SPACE key. We also added a setting on the settings screen that allows you to assign an alias for the tab key, choosing between asterisk and a few others.
The new feature can be found on Release 10608.
Updating the barcode scanner software is be done from Adds-on and Integrations > Data Collector.
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