Sync orders to Shipstation for shipping

As one of the most requested features of all time (we’re not kidding!), we are excited and proud to announce that Finale orders can now sync orders to Shipstation for shipping for shipping and fulfillment.

Simply create the order in Finale and then select it as an order you want synced within Finale.   Finale will sync automatically sync the order to ShipStation within five minutes.

Once in ShipStation, the order behaves no differently than an order that was synced to ShipStation from other online channels such as Shopify or Amazon.

This capability is ideal for multi-channel retailers who primarily sell online marketplaces and their own web store, but occasionally need the ability to create a bulk or wholesales order in Finale.

Finale’s ability to associate unique price tiers for wholesale customers ensures Finale will correctly populate the item prices based on the customer group.

sync orders to Shipstation for shipping

Click here to see a tutorial video.

More information on how to properly configure this feature can be found here.

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