Product details page improvements: additional reports and barcode label printing

We recently improved the Product Details page to more useful than ever.   It is now easier than ever to access reports about a specific product.  Additionally, barcode labels can now be printed directly from the Product details page.

1) Easy Access to Product Reports

We have added many reports that can be directly accessed from the product details pages as opposed to needing to goto various reports in the ‘Reports’ section, selecting the correct parameter, and generating each report one by one.  Now, common product questions can be answered with a few mouse clicks.

1) Want to know product sales trends?  Click on the “Sale History” report.
2) Want to know much was previously paid for the product?  Click on the “Purchase History” report.
3) For ShipStation customers, want to know which marketplace skus are mapped the product id? Click on the “Product Look-up” report.
4) For barcode customers, want to know which UPC codes or other barcodes are mapped to the product id?  Click on the “Product Look-up” report.

Additionally, custom product reports can be added so they can be quickly accessed from the product details page.  Simply go to Applications Settings > Screens > Product Detail to add the custom reports.

2) Print Barcode Directly from the Product Details Page

With the product details page enhancements, barcode labels can be directly generated and printed from this page.   The barcode labels will automatically generated with the product id, barcode, product name, and lot id information (if applicable).

To print a barcode label, simply click on the “Print labels for items in stock” and select the quantity of barcode labels desired.

Product Barcode

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